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The Clarkson Logo

The Clarkson logo can be used five ways.

  • It can be used in the color green (PMS 3305 or its equivalent) on a white or light background.
  • It can be used in black or grey on a white or light background.
  • It can be used in yellow (PMS 116 or its equivalent) reversing out of a black or dark background.
  • It can be used in white, reversing out of a dark or black background.
  • It can be blind embossed on heavy stock.

No other uses are approved.

Appropriate Use of the Logo
Download the Clarkson Logo

PMS 3305 Green

Black on white

Grey on white

PMS 116 on dark color
page or background

PMS 3305 on light color
page or background

Logo reverses out white on
black or dark color page or

Proper Use of the Logo
The logo should be used in a spot where it is prominent and relatively isolated on a page. The ideal spot is at the bottom of an ad or one-sheet, or on the front or back of a multipage brochure. The logo with the "®" symbol or the "defy convention" logo with the "TM" symbol should be used on the back of all brochures and any clothing merchandise. In addition, school-specific versions of the Clarkson logo may be used on school-based publications.


The Clarkson logo cannot be modified in any way; it cannot be proportioned differently, it cannot be combined with other words or symbols, other than the three school logos shown, and it cannot be used on the same page with another prominent logo.

The Clarkson logo should be used on all Clarkson University printed and electronic media materials, except those that use the University seal. It can be used on brochures, Web pages, posters, advertisements, direct mail pieces, videos, etc.

Individual schools, centers, programs and departments may not use separate logos on the University identity materials (letterhead, business cards, and envelopes). However, these logos may be used on other publications such as flyers, brochures, and posters so long as they are not used on the same page as the Clarkson University logo.