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Income Tax Information

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International students & scholars who have U.S. income and/or taxable scholarships are required to file tax returns. The deadline for this application to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is to be postmarked by April 15th every year. The office of International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) provides FREE access to tax software to Clarkson International students & employees for filing your federal tax forms as long as you continue to be considered a ‘non-resident for US Federal tax purposes.

Required Forms before you use the tax software:

  • Tax software access code – to be emailed by ISSS

  • W-2 – this form is your wage and tax statement provided by your employer. The W-2 provides information regarding taxable wages paid to you and the taxes withheld from those wages for the calendar year on the W-2 form

  • 1042-S – this form reports wage payments for foreign nationals who are exempt from U.S. taxation under a tax treaty. This form is also used to report non-wage payments for foreign nationals who are also nonresident aliens

  • Passport

  • I-20 or DS-2019

  • A copy of prior year tax forms (if applicable)

New York State Tax Forms

After using the tax preparation software to prepare your federal tax return – you will have the option to use the software to complete state forms. An additional fee may apply.

Additional Resources

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

NY State Department of Taxation