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About the J-1 Categories

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Professor/Research Scholar

Individual whose primary duties are teaching – lecturing – observing – conducting research – observing or consulting in connection with a research or teaching project. These categories co-mingle.

Length of stay – 3 weeks up to 5 years

Special Conditions

    • Visiting scholar may not be a candidate for tenure track position
    • Prior participation in any J category may subject the prospective  exchange visitor to the ’12-month bar’
      • 12-Month Bar – any individual will not be eligible to ‘begin a new exchange program under the ‘Professor/Research Scholar’ category if they have been in any J status (including J-2 status) in any of the 12 months prior to the intended program start date.
      • The 12-month bar has two exceptions – you are not subject to the 12-month bar if you are a J-1 transfer or you were in J-1 status under the ‘short-term scholar’ category and spent less than 6 months in J status. Please contact ISSS with any questions or concerns regarding the 12-month bar
    • Prior participation in the Professor or Research category may subject the exchange visitor to the ’24-month bar’ on repeat participation
      • 24-Month Repeat Participation Bar – upon completion of an exchange program under the ‘Professor/Research Scholar’ categories you are required to have a ‘gap of 2-years’ between the end of any previous J-1 Professor/Research Scholar program and the beginning of a new J-1 Professor/Research Scholar program. This bar applies to J-2 dependents and has no exceptions. Careful consideration on the total time necessary to complete one’s program/collaboration should be taken into account when planning a visit under the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program in the Professor/Research Scholar categories. Please contact the ISSO with any questions or concerns regarding the 24-month bar on repeat participation

Short-Term Scholar –

A Professor, research scholar or person with similar education or accomplishments coming to the US on a short-term visit for the purpose of lecturing – observing – training – or demonstrating special skills.

Length of stay – up to 6-months

Student Intern –

Student pursuing a degree outside the US where the US internship is ‘full-filling the educational objective for his/her degree program at home institution’.

Length of stay – 3 weeks up to 1 year

Special Conditions

  • Internship may be paid or unpaid
  • Must be full-time – at least 32 hours/week
  • Must fulfill the education objective for his/her current degree program at home institution
  • All tasks assigned must be ‘necessary for completion of the student internship program’
  • Student participation may be with or without wages – however – to be employed the student intern will require work authorization by the International Students & Scholars office and the home institution dean or academic advisor
  • Internship tasks may consist of no more than 20 percent clerical work
  • Internship must expose intern to ‘American techniques, methodologies, and technology’ and expand existing knowledge and skills. The internship cannot duplicate prior experience.
  • Internships cannot place a student intern in any position that involved the following:
    • Unskilled or casual labor
    • Child or elder care
    • Aviation
    • Clinical positions
    • Any ‘position, occupation, or business that could bring the Exchange Visitor Program or the Department of State into notoriety or disrepute’ [22 C.F.R. 62.23(i)(8)(ii)]

All J Categories Special Condition

2-year Home Residency Requirement – 212(e) - When a person is ‘subject to 212(e)’ – it makes certain J Exchange Visitors (and their dependents) ineligible for ‘H’ – ‘L’ – or ‘Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR)’ status until they have returned to and been physically present in their home country for a period of 2-years after completion of the J program. Therefore – a person who is subject cannot enter the U.S. in ‘H’ – ‘L’ – or ‘LPR’ status (or change their status to any status – other than A or G - within the U.S.) until this 2-year requirement has been completed. However, ‘212(e)’ does not prohibit a foreign national from applying for other visa classifications if they are otherwise eligible – such as – ‘B – Tourist’ – ‘F – Student’ – or – another ‘J – Exchange Visitor’ status.