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Hiring or hosting J-1 Exchange Visitors

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J-1 Exchange Visitors come to Clarkson University through the Exchange Visitor Program which promotes mutual understanding between the people of the United States & the people of other countries by educational and cultural exchanges.

The J-1 category is for persons who are coming to the U.S. for a short-term program for long or short-term research, teaching, training or study. Clarkson University authorizes documents for professors, research scholars, short-term scholars, student interns and students. The SEVIS DS-2019 is the document issued International Student & Scholar Services to any person approved for J-1 exchange at Clarkson University.


Step 1: Instructions for the J-1 Applicant

The J-1 applicant should complete Sections 1 – 2 – 3 of the J-1 Scholar/Professor Application and submit the form and supporting documents directly to the Clarkson University department or faculty that will host him/her.

In addition to the J J-1 Scholar/Professor Application – the J-1 applicant should submit the following documents to his/her host department/faculty member.

    • A scanned copy of the passport picture page for the J-1 scholar and any accompanying dependents
    • Evidence of English Proficiency
    • If the visiting scholar/professor will not receive pay from Clarkson University – they must submit proof of adequate financial support of at least $1,200/month and $500/month for each accompanying dependent. Please review acceptable forms of financial documentation here.

Step 2: Instructions for the Department

After receiving all documents from the J-1 Applicant – the department should complete section 5 and submit the entire J-1 Visiting Scholar/Professor Application (Sections 1, 2, 3) along with any accompanying financial documentation – passport copies – and – English proficiency to the ISSO.

In addition, departments are required to provide the following materials:

    • A letter of invitation on department letterhead inviting the J-1 scholar/professor to come to CU as a visiting scholar/professor. This letter is required for both paid and unpaid visiting scholars/professors.
    • If applicable – departments must submit ‘J-1 Exchange Visitor Confirmation of English Ability’ form if an interview was conducted to establish English proficiency

Step 3: ISSO Processing

After receiving all documents from the J-1 Applicant and Department as well as the supporting documents – the ISSS will review and process the DS-2019 forms for the J-1 Scholar or Professor and all J-2 Dependents in the SEVIS (Student & Exchange Visor Information System) database.

 Along with the DS-2019 – the ISSO will prepare a packet for the J-1 student intern to include the letter of invitation – information about the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program – paying the SEVIS fee – obtaining the J-1 visa – travel to the U.S.  – and general information about the Clarkson University community.

The department and/or faculty sponsor may pick up all related items and mail documents or the ISSS can forward items.

Please note –ISSS will send all documents standard air mail; documents may be process via DHL or similar service if an account number is provided. In addition – scholars may pay for expedite shipping using eShipGlobal

Processing Time – Allow at least 1 week to process and prepare all supporting documents.

Overall the department and/or sponsoring faculty member should allow at least 8 weeks for the DS-2019 to be processed - the scholar to obtain a J-1 visa - and - arrive in the U.S. – more if there are delays due to Technology Alert List or Administrative Processing.

Document Processing

Once processed we will email you general information noted on your form DS-2019 and at this time you will review the information for accuracy. In addition – you will inform the ISSS once your information is confirmed correct where to mail your documents and by with method. The International Center has the following options for the mailing of your documents:

  • Method 1: Send by regular mail – mail within the United States will typically take a week. Mail overseas is estimated to take 4-6 weeks for delivery.
  • Method 2: Send by express mail – The International Center at Clarkson University uses a reliable and secure express mail service called EShipGlobal for students and scholars to receive immigration documents. You can go online to request your documents be shipped to your preferred address – pay for your shipping costs by credits, wire transfer, or paypal – and – receive your documents in 3 – 5 business days from the date of pick-up at CU. Note – the date you receive your documents is dependent on the carrier service.
    • Note  – please do not work directly with any of the carriers – you must go to the EShipGlobal website to ship your package.
    • Note – you will receive a tracking number once the package is picked up from Clarkson University
  • Method 3: Special Shipping – some department/faculty sponsors will cover shipping costs. ISSS will notify you if you fall under this method.