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J-1 Program Extensions

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Extending a J-1 Program

ISSS will email communications to the J-1 scholar and copy the sponsoring department/faculty member to notify the DS-2019 will soon expire. A request for extension should be made if the hosting department/faculty member & visiting scholar decide to extend his or her stay.

Program Extension Eligibility – A J-1 scholar is eligible for a program extension provided the scholar is continuing the objective shown on the most recent form DS-2019 – currently maintaining J-1 status – have proof of health insurance for the J-1 scholar and J-2 dependents – have adequate funding for the extension period – and – have a valid passport.

J-1 Scholar Extension Process – the following items must be submitted to ISSS at least 2-weeks before the ‘program end date’ on the form DS-2019.

ISSS will review the extension request and communicate to the J-1 scholar once completed.

Important Reminders

  • J-1 scholars may remain in J status in the U.S. for no longer than 5-years – if the scholar has transferred for another institutions, the time at that institution counts towards the 5-years
  • All J visa holders are required to have health insurance for the entire time they are in J status. This insurance must meet the minimum requirements set forth by the Department of State and is required by laws. Failure to comply with the health insurance requirement will result in termination of status.
  • 212(e) waivers must be made to the U.S. Department of State before submitting any application to USCIS for a change in status to ‘H’ – ‘L’ – or – ‘LPR’ status
    • Important Note – if a waiver has been submitted the J-1 scholar is not eligible for a program extension