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Hiring or hosting J-1 Student Intern

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Hiring or Hosting J-1 Student Interns

This category allows international students currently enrolled and pursuing a degree at a postsecondary academic institution outside the United States to participate in a student internship program for a maximum duration of 12 months per degree level.

Departments planning to host J-1 Interns are responsible for developing an internship plan – evaluation intern participation – and – supporting the intern through faculty mentorship, and other assistance such as locating suitable accommodations. The ISSO will assist departments and interns in producing the immigration paperwork (form DS-2019) required for the intern’s visa – admission to the U.S. – and – maintenance of valid immigration status.

J-1 Student Intern Program Requirements

The Department of State has established the following conditions for participation in the J-1 Intern program:

  • The internship must consist of a minimum of 32 hours per week of internship activity and no more than 20 percent of which consists of ‘clerical work’.
  • The internship must “fulfill the educational objectives for his or her current degree program at his or her home institution”. It must expose the participant to the U.S. techniques, methodologies and technology; and it must expand up on the intern’s existing knowledge and skills and not duplicate the student’s intern’s prior experience.
  • The J student intern must have ‘verifiable English language skills sufficient to function on a day to day basis in the internship environment.” This must be verified by a recognized English language test or by signed documentation from an academic institution or English language school.
  • A student intern may be paid or unpaid. However – to be employed the student intern must receive approval from his/her home institution’s dean or academic advisor.
  • The student intern must be primarily in the U.S. to engage in a student internship program rather than to engage in employment or provide services to an employer.
  • The student intern must be in good academic standing at his or her home institution outside the U.S. “and fulfill and obtain a degree from the home academic institution after completion of the student internship program.
  • The student intern must have sufficient finances to support himself or herself and dependents for the entire stay in the U.S. – including housing and living expenses.


Step 1: Instructions for the J-1 Student Intern Applicant

The J-1 applicant should complete Sections 1 – 2 – 3 and – 4 of the J-1 Student Intern Application and submit the form and supporting documents directly to the Clarkson University department or faculty that will host him/her.

In addition to the J-1 Student Intern Application – the student intern should submit the following documents to his/her host department/faculty member.

  • ·        A scanned copy of the passport picture page for the intern and any accompanying dependents
  • ·        A letter from an English language instructor at the intern’s institution or an English language school verifying that the intern has sufficient language skills to ‘function on a day-to-day basis in the internship environment’. Alternatively, the intern can provide evidence of passing a recognized language test – such as the TOEFL or IELTS. The minimum TOEFL score required is 550 paper-based or 80 internet-based (iBT). The minimum IELTS score is 6.5.
  • ·        If Clarkson University will pay the student intern then the intern must submit a letter from the dean or academic advisor from his/her home institution to authorize the employment.
  • ·        If the intern will not receive pay from Clarkson University – the student intern must submit proof of adequate financial support of at least $1,200/month for the J-1 Student Intern and $500/month for each accompanying dependent.


Step 2: Instructions for the Department

After receiving all documents from the J-1 Student Intern – the department should complete section 5 and submit the entire J-1 Student Intern Application along with any accompanying financial documentation – passport copies – and – English proficiency to the ISSO.

In addition, departments are required to provide the following materials:

  • ·        A letter invitation on department letterhead inviting the J-1 student intern to come to CU as a visiting student intern. This letter is required for both paid and unpaid internships
  • ·        A Training/Internship Placement Plan (DS-7002) for each intern. A fillable version of this form is available at
    • o   DS-7002 sample
    • o   Note – The department/faculty sponsor should complete the DS-7002 and sign under ‘Supervisor’s Signature’ – ISSS will complete the ‘Sponsor signature & program number’ portion of the DS-7002
  • ·        If applicable – departments must submit ‘J-1 Exchange Visitor Confirmation of English Ability’ form if an interview was conducted to establish English proficiency


Step 3: ISSO Processing

After receiving all documents from the J-1 Applicant and Department as well as the supporting documents – ISSS will review and process the DS-2019 forms for the J-1 Student Intern and all J-2 Dependents in the SEVIS (Student & Exchange Visor Information System) database.

Along with the DS-2019 – the ISSO will prepare a packet for the J-1 student intern to include the letter of invitation – information about the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program – paying the SEVIS fee – obtaining the J-1 visa – travel to the U.S.  – and – general information about the Clarkson University community.

The department and/or faculty sponsor may pick up all related items and mail documents or the ISSS can forward items.

Please note –ISSS will send all documents standard air mail; documents may be process via DHL or similar service if an account number is provided. In addition – scholars may pay for expedite shipping using eShipGlobal

Processing Time – Allow at least 1 week to process and prepare all supporting documents.

Overall the department and/or sponsoring faculty member should allow at least 8 weeks for the intern to obtain a J-1 visa and arrive in the U.S. – more if there are delays due to Technology Alert List or Administrative Processing.