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Maintaining Immigration Status

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Maintaining Immigration Status

The U.S. Government places the responsibility for maintaining your legal ‘status’ on the Exchange Visitor. Therefore, it is essential that you understand and review the regulations that govern your immigration status. Failure to comply with these regulations could jeopardize your legal ‘status’ and have negative consequences for future U.S. immigration-related applications.

  • Under the Exchange Visitor Program – you are coming to complete a specific objective as noted on your DS-2019. Section 4 of your DS-2019 indicates:
    • Exchange Visitor Category – The categories used at Clarkson University are – Professor – Research Scholar – Short-Term Scholar – Student – and – Student Intern
    • Subject/Field code – The numerical value associated with your area of specialization
    • Subject/Field Code Remarks – a brief description of your proposed activity as defined by your program sponsor
  • Report to the office of International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) no later than 30-days after your program start date. You are strongly encourage to ‘report’ within 10-days to avoid SEVIS termination. Reporting to ISSS allows your SEVIS record to be ‘validated’ and set to ‘active’ status
  • Maintain required documents at all times – this includes
    • Valid DS-2019
    • Valid passport
    • I-94 (arrival/departure card) marked ‘D/S’ for ‘duration of status’. Duration of status refers to the program period listed at item 3 on your DS-2019 form plus 30-days grace period
  • Engage in appropriate activities according to your exchange visitor category – please refer to item 4 on your DS-2019 form
  • Be employed with authorization – unauthorized employment is a violation of program status and subject to SEVIS termination
  • Carry health insurance that meets the minimum requirements specified under the J Exchange Visitor Program. This insurance must be maintained during the entire period of your program
  • Report any address/contact information changes to ISSS within 10 days
  • Timely file any request for program transfer or extension requests

J Categories and Appropriate Activity

Professor – Primary duties include teaching – lecturing – observing or consulting (may conduct research)

Research Scholar – Primary duties are conducting research – observing or consulting in connection with a research project (may also teach)

Short-Term Scholar - A Professor, research scholar or person with similar education or accomplishments coming to the US on a short-term visit for the purpose of lecturing – observing – training – or demonstrating special skills

Student Degree – Pursuing a full course of study leading to or culminating in the award of a U.S. degree

Student Non-Degree - Engaged full-time in a prescribed course of study

Student Intern - Engaged full-time in a student internship program