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Continuing J Program Out of Country

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J-1 Scholar Continuing Program Out of Country

Exchange Visitors in the 'Professor' or 'Research Scholar' category participating in his/her exchange program outside the United States for a schedule period of time may be eligiblity to keep their J-1 program 'active' while out the country. Approvals for 'out-of-country' requests is at the discretion of the International Student & Scholar Services office (ISSS). If J-1 program activities are not maintained during the absene - ISSS will terminate the professor/research scholar's SEVIS record (status) and in this case, the visitor may not return to the U.S. J-1 professor/research scholar status for 24-months. 

When will you require 'Out-Of-Country' Authorization?

Any J-1 professor/research scholar that will be out of the U.S. for more than 30 days but less than 1-year AND will continue to pursue the program objective noted on the DS-2019 can be authorized for 'Out-Of-Country' and maintain 'active' J-1 status.

When do you not require 'Out-Of-Country' Authorization?

    • You are vacationing outside the U.S. for 30-days or less in agreement with the department and/or faculty advisor
    • You are departing the U.S. and ending your J-1 program objective. Please notify the International Student & Scholar Services office of the date of your departure. An updated DS-2019 may need to be completed. 
    • Alternate situations should be described by the department and/or faculty advisor and disucssed with ISSS

Procedures to follow to obtain 'Out-of-Country' Authorization and continue your J-1 program

  1. Submit a 'J-1 Continuing Program Out-Of-Country' form, signed by both the J-1 professor/research scholar and the hosting department/faculty sponsor with supporting documentation
  2. Provide a letter on letterhead from the supervising faculty member explaining program activities while out of the country - template 
  3. Verify you have a current signature - less than 1-year old at the time of entry - on your DS-2019

Once ISSS has review the OOC request - both the department/faculty advisor and the exchange vsiitor will receive an email confirming if the request has been approved or not. 

Responsibilities of the Exchange Visitor

During the absence 'out-of-country', the scholar must:

  • Continue to maintain all responsibilities under the J Exchange Visitor program
  • Report any changes in purpose, activity, or dates as inidcated in the request form
  • Failture to maintain status will result in status termination in SEVIS
  • Maintain a permanent (foreign) and current (last residential address in the U.S.) address with ISSS and update within 10 days any changes to your address
  • Maintain health insurance - you are required to maintain insurance coverage for you and your dependents as long as the J-1 Exchange Visitor SEVIS record is active - whether or not you are physically present in the U.S.

Responsibilities of the Department/Faculty Advisor

During the absence 'out-of-country', the department/faculty advisor must:

  • Continue to supervise the J-1 professor/research scholar while he/she is out of the country
  • Notify ISSS if there is any change in the purpose, activities, or dates of the EV's 'out-of-country' purpose
  • In the event of the J-1 professor/research scholar will not return to CU after his/her absence - notify iSSS so the J-1 status and SEVIS record may be updated.