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Arrival Information

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Arrival to Clarkson University

  • You may enter the U.S. up to 30-days prior to your program start date on your DS-2019 –however – you should plan to arrive no later than 20 days after this date.
    • Please contact ISSS if you will be delayed for more than 20-days from your program start date. An amendment may be needed to keep your SEVIS record and documents ‘active’.
  • Check-In - Upon arrival to Clarkson University contact ISSS to schedule a time to ‘check-in’. This appointment should be scheduled within 3-5 days of your arrival to Clarkson University – an email with check-in details will be sent ~ 1-2 months prior to arrival.
    • Please be sure to check-in with your department/faculty sponsor to complete any necessary forms for payroll and/or your ‘courtesy appointment’. You will need to provide your CU ID provided in your ‘pre-arrival’ email.
    • Retrieve your I-94 arrival/departure 'card'. This is now an electronic document and it is recommneded that you print this or save to your device to refer to later. 
  • Attend Orientation with ISSS adviser – must be completed within 10 days of arrival
  • Health Insurance – If you did not carry insurance with you from your home country or purchase a plan before your departure you will need to purchase this upon arrival. Without health insurance that meets the requirements of the Department of State you will not be in compliance with federal regulations. You may choose any company that provides insurance that meets the minimum federal guidelines.
    • Please provide a copy of your Declaration of Coverage – in English – for your and any accompanying family members with the ‘Health Insurance Acknowledgement’ form sent in your ‘pre-arrival email’
  • CU Identification Card – Visit Campus Safety (Educational Resourced Center - ERC Suite 1200) and indicate you are a visiting staff/student.
  • Clarkson Computer Accounts Information on how to access the network at Clarkson University will be sent with your ‘pre-arrival’ email communication. Assistance with your password and access can be directed to the Office of Information Technology – 315-268-4357 (HELP) – or – Please be sure to provide the Help Desk with your CU Identification Number.
  • Social Security All Exchange Visitors that will be paid by Clarkson University must apply for a social security number. You will not be able to receive pay until you apply for this number. See SSA Information on how to apply.

NOTE - you are not required to have a social security number to open bank accounts – sign cell phone contracts or lease an apartment.

  • Finances/Banking Difficulties and delays often occur in the transfer of funds to the United States. It is extremely important that you become thoroughly familiar with your government’s regulations for exchange of funds. A single person should bring at least $1,500 in traveler’s checks to cover initial expenses. Such expenses might include first and last month’s rent, winter clothing, furniture, automobile expenses, or health insurance. If you are accompanied by your family, you should plan to have at least $2,500 to get started. We recommend that soon after your arrival you establish a bank account with a local bank of your choice. To open an account you will need  
  • Driving A valid driver’s license from your home country is also valid in New York State and you do not need to apply for a NYS driver license unless you become a ‘resident of NYS’. In your home country – you may wish to apply for an ‘International Driving Permit’ which will verify that you have a valid foreign driver license – however – this permit does is only valid if you hold a valid driver’s license from your home country. See driver’s license for more information.