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J-1 exchange visitors in the ‘Professor’ – ‘Research Scholar’ – or – ‘Short-Term Scholar’ categories are permitted may only engage in the activities outlined on the DS-2019. Employment is both job-specific and site-specific and any changes or additions to the activity on your DS-2019 must be authorized by ISSS.

Social Security

In order to receive a paycheck you must apply for a social security number. Please see the social security information for additional details on this process. It is recommended that you way 5-7 from the date of entry before applying for your social security number.   

Occasional off-campus consultations & lectures

Exchange Visitors that are invited to speak and/or participate in short-term consultations as long as this is approved by ISSS. This activity must be incidental to your primary program and be authorized in advance by International Student & Scholar Services.

The following criteria must be met for consultation or lecture activity –

  • Be directly related to the objectives noted on your DS-2019
  • Be incidental to your primary program activity as noted on your DS-2019
  • The consultation or lecture activity must not delay the completion of your exchange program activity

To receive authorization from ISSS – the following documents are required before work begins

  • Letter from the offeror of the lecture or consultation setting forth the terms & conditions  of the offer including –
    • Duration
    • Number of hours
    • Field or subject
    • Amount of compensation (if applicable) – and –
    • Description of such activity
    • Letter from your department head or faculty supervisor to include the following –
      • Confirming the proposed activity is directly related to your principle activity – is incidental – and – will not delay your program at CU
      • Explaining how the proposed activity would enhance your exchange visitor program – and –
      • Recommending approval of the activity

If approved, ISSS will email you the approval and provide you an authorization letter.