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Request Process

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The Request Process

The first step is working with a Department or Faculty Sponsor to identify your proposed activity at Clarkson University. Once this has been identified your Department/Faculty Sponsor will provide you the ‘J-1 Scholar/Professor Application’ to complete and return with other supporting documentation.

Supporting documentation includes –

After receiving all documents from the J-1 Applicant and Department as well as the supporting documents – the office of International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) will review and process the DS-2019 forms for the J-1 Scholar or Professor and all J-2 Dependents in the SEVIS (Student & Exchange Visor Information System) database.

Along with the DS-2019 – the ISSO will prepare a packet for the J-1 student intern to include the letter of invitation – information about the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program – paying the SEVIS fee – obtaining the J-1 visa – travel to the U.S.  – and – general information about the Clarkson University community.

Document Processing

Once processed we will email you general information noted on your J1 form DS-2019 and at this time you will review the information for accuracy. In addition – you will confirm your address and by which method you prefer to mail your documents. The International Center has the following options for the mailing of your documents:

  • Method 1: Send by regular mail – mail within the United States will typically take a week. Mail overseas is estimated to take 4-6 weeks for delivery.
  • Method 2: Send by express mail – The International Center at Clarkson University uses a reliable and secure express mail service called EShipGlobal for students and scholars to receive immigration documents. You can go online to request your documents be shipped to your preferred address – pay for your shipping costs by credits, wire transfer, or paypal – and – receive your documents in 3 – 5 business days from the date of pick-up at CU. Note – the date you receive your documents is dependent on the carrier service.
    • Note  – please do not work directly with any of the carriers – you must go to the EShipGlobal website to ship your package.
    • Note – you will receive a tracking number once the package is picked up from Clarkson University
  • Method 3: Special Shipping – some departments or faculty sponsors will cover shipping costs. ISSS will notify you if you fall under this method.