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Exchange students will want to review courses offered for the term they wish to study in.  You may take classes across disciplines provided that you meet the pre-requisites for those classes with similar classes at your home institution. Pelase keep this information in mind when searching for classes. We recommend that you choose more classes than you can take as there may be scheduling conflicts.

Undergraduate Level
You must enroll in a minimum of 12 US credits or maximum of 18 US credits to maintain full-time status for your visa.
Undergraduate classes are numbered 100-499. You must meet pre-requisites to enroll in a class.

Graduate Level
You must enroll in a minimum of 9 US credits tomaintain full time status for your visa.
Graduate Level classes are numbered 500-699 - MBA level are 600's

Please be sure the classes are offered on the Potsdam campus. If you need a complete class description (syllabus) please email us at:

You will need to select the term from the previous academic year that coordinates with the term you intend to study (i.e. if the term intended is Spring 2017 you will need to select term Spring 2016)

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