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All international students have the benefit of on-campus employment – please remember that the primary purpose while in the United States is to gain an education – not necessary to engage in employment.

  • Those in F-1 student status do not need to seek additional authorization from ISSS and may work anywhere on campus that accepts student workers.
  • Those in J-1 student status must have authorization for any employment on-campus and this must be updated in your SEVIS record. Please complete the J1 Student On-Campus Employment Authorization Request form and submit to ISSS for review and to receive your authorization letter.
    • Employment will only be authorized in 12-month increments and all employment changes must be submitted to ISSS within 10 days. This includes adding additional employment.
  • All international students can work up to 20 hours per week while school is in session – you may work more than 20 hours during designated breaks (i.e. winter/summer break).  
  • Some on-campus jobs may be difficult to obtain since some offices/areas can only hire ‘work-study’ eligible students. ‘Work-study’ is a federal financial aid award provided to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Note – you are not ‘work-study’ eligible.  Some areas that provide ‘non work-study’ employment are; Aramark Dining Services – Library – Tutoring Services
  • ‘Full’ Graduate Assistantships are equal to 20 hours of work per week and is considered ‘full-time’ inclusive of your study requirements. You are not allowed to engage in additional work in addition to your full graduate assistantship.
  • Partial Tuition Scholarships – for those granted partial scholarships where you are required to perform service to the Department – these hours will count towards your ’20-hour limit’ while school is in session. Please refer to your financial aid award for additional information.
All questions surrounding on-campus employment should be directed to International Student & Scholar Services.