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Certification of Finances

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Depending on your program will determine which certification of finances will outline the estimated costs of your program. Please contact ISSS if you have any questions on which form to use.

Clarkson University - Main Campus

The Clarkson School COF

Undergraduate & Transfer COF

Exchange Student COF

Custom COF - Undergraduate

Custom COF - Graduate

Custom COF - Graduate: Data Analytics

Graduate Programs

Graduate MBA - 1- year program

Gradaute MBA - 2-year program

Graduate MS/PHD with no fiancial aid (18 credit hours/year)

Graduate MS/PHD with partial assistantship (20 credit hours/year)

Graduate MS/PHD with full assistantship (24 credit hours/year)

Graduate ME (30 credits/year)

Graduate DA-MS (33 credits/year)

Graduate Dual DA-MS/MBA - 2 year program @ 26 credits the first year

Clarkson University - Capital Region Campus

Graduate MAT COF

Graduate MS/PHD_Engineering_Quarter COF