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Spouses & Children

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Spouses and children (under age 21) of F-1 /J-1 students are considered ‘dependents’ and will require F-2 / J-2 status if they will accompany you while you complete your academic studies.

To bring your spouse/children to the United States – you will need to obtain a ‘dependent Form I-20 / DS-2019’ to apply for F-2 / J-2 status at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate overseas.

F-2 Eligibility & Notes

J-2 Eligibility & Notes

F-2 / J-2 dependents may enter with or after the principle F-1 / J-1 will start their program

F-2 / J-2 dependents must carry Form I-20 for each trip into the U.S. and this must be signed every year

F-2 / J-2 maintains legal status by the principle F-1 /J-1 maintaining their status – therefore – if the F-1 / J-2 is out of status so is the F-2 / J-2

F-2 dependents may not be employed

J-2 dependents can be employed if they apply for and are approved by USCIS

F-2 dependents may engage in part-time study only

J-2 dependents can engage in full or part-time study

 The Process to Add a Dependent

  • Complete a ‘Dependent Request Form’ and submit to ISSS with the following supporting documents –
    • Dependent passport copy
    • Certification of Finances with supporting financial documentation
      • Note – You will show financial support for one year or the length of your program (whichever is less)
  • Proof of Insurance –
    • J-1 visa holders are required to show proof of insurance for all dependents for the duration of their program. See insurance requirements for more information.
    • F-1 visa holders are not required to carry insurance for their dependents – however – this is strongly encouraged for your protection

F-2 / J-2 Dependent Arrival to the U.S. – Upon arrival, you or your dependent will ‘check-in’ with ISSS by bringing the following documents & information:

  • Form I-20 / DS-2019 for signature by International Adviser
  • Passport/visa
  • Address & contact information (email/phone)