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Transfer Out of CU

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Transfer Out of Clarkson University

International Student & Scholar Services can assist you with processing your ‘immigration transfer’ out of Clarkson University. Please be sure to communicate with your new school and/or international adviser that you are currently in the country in F-1 status and will be processing an immigration transfer to their school. In some cases they will require additional documentation to be completed by ISSS.

How to process an ‘immigration transfer’ out of CU as an F-1 student –

  • Following admission guidelines for the school or program you have applied to
  • Once you have been admitted and decided on the school you plan to attend – complete the International Student Transfer Out’ form and return to ISSS with a copy of your letter of acceptance to the new school/program.

Transfer Eligibility

  • Be maintaining F-1 status at CU
  • Be admitted to a program at the ‘transfer-in’ school
  • You must be able to begin full-time enrollment at the ‘transfer-in’ school by the next available term or session – and this must be no more than 5-months from the end of your studies at CU

Transfer Notes for students who enter the U.S. for the first time in 'initial entry'

For students who enter the U.S. in F-1 student status for the first time in 'initial entry' - you are strongly encouraged to enter with the visa and I-20 document from the school you wish to attend. However - if you do enter using CU documents - your 'immigration transfer' in 'initial status' is a bit different:

  • You must be able to begin the preferred program within 30-days
  • You must completed the 'Initial Student Transfer 'Out' Form' and return with the following - 
    • Copy of your CU I-20
    • Admission letter to the new university
    • I-94 copy
    • copy of passport/visa with entry stamp

Transfer Notes for students on Optional Practical Training

  • You will complete the transfer out procedures as noted above
  • You must be able to resume full-time enrollment at the ‘transfer-in’ school within 5 months of the transfer release date or the date your OPT authorization ends – whichever is earlier
  • Your OPT authorization ends on the transfer release date