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Expectations When You Return

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How can you help us upon your return to Clarkson?  

Buddy Program

During your exchange or shortly after it ends, the International Center will email you regarding participation in the Buddy Program.  Each semester we match the former outgoing Clarkson students with a new incoming student participating in study abroad for a semester here at Clarkson University. 

Debrief/Re-entry Meeting

    • Upon your return to the U.S. you may notice some differences.  We want to hear about your changes and help you adjust to being back! 
    • Expectations upon your return to Clarkson
    • We’d like to hear if there are things you would change if you could
    • Evaluation of the program to follow up on any things about the program we can adjust to ease the process.

Study Abroad Fair

Representing the program/university you studied abroad at, sharing the amazing experience you had. Many of you may remember what students said to you at the Study Abroad Fair a couple of years ago to influence your choice in programs!

Information Sessions

Short presentations to help promote the program/university where you studied abroad. You are our best resources! The details and highlights of your experiences really do inspire other students to want to go abroad themselves.

Pre-Departure Meetings

You may remember your own pre-departure meeting.  All the questions you had or the things you thought you knew but didn’t.  This is a way to connect you with the students who are heading abroad next semester. Providing that last minute advice to outgoing students before their study abroad adventure!  We try to match you up with someone headed where you studied abroad – school / country.  This is a great way to share your experiences with someone who will truly benefit from what you tell them.