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Floor Hockey Rules

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Team Members: Each team will be limited to a 15 person roster.  Only 6 persons are allowed on the floor at one time.  There must be at least 6 players present to start the game.

PERIODS:  The game is divided into 3 eight minute running time periods.    There should be a two minute rest period between periods.  The clock is stopped after goals, when a penalty is called, in the last 2 minutes when the puck goes out of bounds or at the discretion of the referee.

PLAY:  Play begins with a face-off in the center.  The teams then  

attempt to move the puck toward the goals.  The puck cannot be caught or held in the hand.  It can be knocked down by hand by cannot be held or passed by hand.

GOALS:  If the offensive players deliberately kicks or throws the puck  into the net, the goal is not allowed.  If the goal is made by deflection off any player and is not deliberately kicked or thrown in, the goal is good.  If a defensive man shoots, kicks or throws the puck into his own net, the goal is awarded to the offensive team.  If the puck is kicked by an offensive player and it hits a defensive player and then enters the net, it is a goal.

PROPER USE OF STICKS:  The blade of the stick should not rise above the  holders waist at any time.  This is included when taking shots.  PENALTY:  If this infraction is called as player attempts a shot, the opposing team takes possession of the puck at the point of the infraction.  All sticks must have plastic blades, wood blades are not allowed.

TIE UP OF PUCK:  Whenever a puck is tied up along the wall, a face-off  shall occur 10 feet in from the point of the tie up.

PUCK IN GOAL NET:  If the puck becomes stuck in the net, a face-off is  made to the side of the net.

INFRACTIONS AND PENALTIES:  A one-minute penalty will be assessed for the  following infractions:

  • Cross Checking
  • High Sticking  Kneeling
  • Hacking with Stick
  • Hooking
  • Tripping
  • Throwing Stick  Interference
  • Charging
  • Falling on Puck
  • Rough Play
  • Checking into Walls
  • Holding
  • Elbowing
  • Slashing
  • Arguing with Referee

BODY CONTACT:  Body contact is allowed if the player is going for the puck.    Intentional blocks such as in football will draw a penalty.

BEING AWARDED POSSESSION OF PUCK:  When a team is awarded possession of the  puck at center line or along the wall when the puck is tied up, all members of the defensive team must be at least 8 feet away from and no closer to the opponent's goal than the man taking the puck.  Once this man has moved forward or passed the puck, then normal play resumes.

FIGHTING:  Fights are prohibited.  Players will be suspended from game and  remainder of the academic year.

MISUSE OF STICK:  Any use of a stick as a weapon will be penalized by a  two-minute penalty plus disqualification for the remainder of the game and suspension for the remainder of the season.

REFEREES:  One referee will be assigned per game by the Recreation Office.

EQUIPMENT:  No hockey pads may be used by the player other than the goalie.    The goalie may use a mask, shinpads and a baseball glove or hockey gloves.  All players may wear gloves.  The Recreation Office will supply sticks and pucks.

TIMING PENALTIES:  One player on bench from each team will sit with clock  in penalty box to time them.  Penalty time starts when play begins after infraction has been called.  Time runs continuously unless game clock is stopped.

TIMING GAMES:  Running time.  If time must be stopped for some reason not  covered, (serious injury) referee will decide what new time at which period should end.

STARTING TIMES:  Teams must be ready to start games within 15 minutes  after schedule time.  Otherwise games will be forfeited.

TIE GAMES:  There will be NO overtime.  Games tied after three periods  will be counted as ties in the standings.

REPORTING SCORES:  The team representative of the winning team must report  the score to the Recreation Office as soon as possible after the game.