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The Information Technology Experience

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Typically, graduates from this program learn to manage information technology for their companies. IT professionals are skilled in programming, but the largest portion of their time is given to a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Hardware and software installation
  • System maintenance
  • Account maintenance
  • User support
  • Web site creation and page publication
  • Documentation and training
  • Network configuration
  • Data management
  • Information transfer
  • System security

Students learn how to select the hardware and software base for network operations needed within an organization. They learn how to maintain multiple systems for a variety of client needs. They gain knowledge about modern, widely used operating systems and operating systems administration. They study the effective management of Web servers and learn to protect the integrity of the system in which the server is located. They practice with Intranets and Internets, implementing levels of data security, and gaining experience by creating the CGI interfaces necessary to manage client-server applications, such as online storefronts and Web front ends for database maintenance. They get practice in writing scripts that aid them in administering a system and in monitoring its performance and security.

Students in this program develop a broad base of competencies in hardware, software and the management of technology. At the same time they can explore specific application areas of their choice through elective classes and project work. Project work can be either on an individual basis or in teams. Projects will focus on real-world problems that provide experience directly applicable to IT in an organizational setting.

Clarkson University
Clarkson University provides a vigorous educational and cultural atmosphere. The IT program gives graduate students access to state-of-the-art computing with high-speed routing and ample bandwidth. They are empowered to set up server-client networks and experiment with the latest IT applications. In undertaking project work they can get assistance from faculty and fellow students with a wide range of approaches and experience.