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Ajit Achuthan

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Ajit Achuthan
Associate Professor
266 CAMP
Clarkson University
PO Box 5725
Potsdam, NY  13699-5725
Phone: 315-268-4429     Fax: 315-268-6695
Research site:

Educational Background
Ph.D., Purdue University (2004)
M.E., National University of Singapore, Singapore (2000)
M.S., Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India (1998)
B.Tech., Calicut University, Kerala, India (1994)


AE 350 Aircraft Structures I

     AE 458 Aircraft Structures II (Finite element analysis)
     ES 220 Statics
     ES 222 Strength of Materials
     ME 341 Machine Elements
     ME 324 Dynamical Systems
     CE/ME 551 Theory of Elasticity
     ME 654 Wave Propagation in Solids
     ME 621 Computational Mechanics of Materials

Aeronautical Engineering Curriculum Committee

Research Interests
Dr Achuthan’s research is in the areas of solid mechanics and advanced materials. Currently, he is focused on investigating technological challenges associated with the additive manufacturing technology of metals and developing innovative solutions. He is particularly interested in understanding the evolution of microstructure, the role of the evolved microstructure on the mechanical properties, and various micro-scale deformation mechanisms, and then developing constitutive models based on this understanding. Dr Achuthan’s group uses advanced experimental and computational tools to investigate various deformation mechanisms in materials. These tools include material characterization techniques such as optical imaging, SEM and nanoindentation, crystal plasticity based constitutive modeling, finite element analysis (FEA) based continuum modeling and molecular dynamics (MD) based atomistic scale modeling.  

Selected Publications


  1. M. G. Moghaddam, A. Achuthan*, B. A. Bednarcyk, S. M. Arnold and E. J. Pineda, “Development of a precipitate size-dependent crystal plasticity constitutive model for two-phase materials and its implementation on a multi-scale computational framework”, Materials Science and Engineering: A, Vol 651, (2016), pp 893-903
  2. M. G. Moghaddam, A. Achuthan*, B. A. Bednarcyk, S. M. Arnold and E. J. Pineda, “A Multi-scale Computational Model Combining Single Crystal Plasticity Constitutive Model with Generalized Method of Cells (GMC) for Metallic Polycrystals”, Materials, Vol 9(5), (2016), pp 335
  3. M. G. Moghaddam, A. Achuthan*, B. A. Bednarcyk, S. M. Arnold and E. J. Pineda, “A Multi-scale Computational Model using Generalized Method of Cells (GMC) Homogenization for Multi-Phase Single Crystal Metals”, Computational Materials Science, 96,(2014), pp 44-55.
  4. A. Ukwatta and A. Achuthan*, “A molecular dynamics (MD) simulation study to investigate the role of existing dislocations on the incipient plasticity under nanoindentation”, Computational Materials Science, 91,(2014), pp 329-338
  5. S. A. Jayanath, A. Achuthan*, M. Huang, and A. Mashue, “A sub-scale experimental test method to characterize extrusion based elastomer seals”, Journal of Tribology Vol 138(3), (2016), 032201

     Conference Proceedings & Presentations
A. Achuthan and C.T. Sun, “Loading Rate Effect on the Domain Switching of Ferroelectric Materials”, ASME 2008 Conference on Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures and  Intelligent Systems, SMASIS 2008 (2008).

A. Achuthan and C.T. Sun, “Effect of Residual Stresses on Ferroelectric Ceramic Materials”, Smr. Str. Mat., Act. Mat.: Beh.& Mech., SPIE (2004).

C.T. Sun and A. Achuthan, “Domain Switching in Polycrystalline Ferroelectrics Based on Microstructures” Int. Symp. Macro-Meso-Micro-Nano-Mechanics of Mat., Hong Kong (Dec. 2003).

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C.T. Sun and A. Achuthan, “Modeling of Nonlinear Behavior of PZT Piezoceramics Based on Microstructures” First World Congress on Biomimetics and Artificial Muscles, Biomimetics 2002, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA (Dec. 9-11, 2002).

C.T. Sun and A. Achuthan, “Domain switching criteria for piezoelectric materials.”, Smr. Str. Mat. : Act. Mat.: Beh. &Mech., Proc Soc. Pho.-Opt. Instr. Eng. (SPIE) 4333, pp. 240-249 (2001).

K.K. Ang, A. Achuthan and C.M. Wang, “Linear and Nonlinear actuations in shape control of beams.”, Smr. Str. & Dev., Proc. Soc. Pho.-Opt. Inst. Eng. (SPIE) 4235, pp. 509-520 (2001).

A. Achuthan and R.M.S. Gowda, “Analysis of Axisymmetric Vibration of Polar Orthotropic Circular Plates” Proc. of the 48th AGM, AeSI, pp. 519-528 (1997).