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Frederick Carlson

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Frederick Carlson
Professor Emeritus
200 CAMP
Clarkson University
PO Box 5705
Potsdam, NY 13699-5705

Phone: 315-268-6580
Fax: 315-268-6695

Research Interests

Current research projects include 1) Directional Solidification: Simulation of semiconductor materials solidification including radiation, conduction, thermosolutal convection, and mass transfer. Calculations are verified by earth-based experiments and are used to design microgravity experiments aboard NASA's Space Shuttle. Crystal compositional homogeneity and excessive stress are of primary importance; 2) Welding: Transient calculation of thermal, stress, and electric fields during resistance spot welding; and 3) Gas-Particle Flow: Gas-particle flow with particle-wall collisions are examined for designing particle separators for turbine inlets, cleanrooms. Funding for these research projects come from NASA, NSF and CAMP. 

Specific Topics of Interest

  • Computational fluid mechanics
  • Heat and mass transfer
  • Solidification