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Ph.D. Program

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This is a traditional graduate program where the student furthers his or her understanding of a particular topic of interest through additional coursework and research. Thesis topics are typically developed cooperatively with a faculty advisor, and are normally aimed at the investigation of fundamental problems encountered in modern mechanical and aeronautical engineering fields.

  • Full tuition Research and Teaching Assistantships are competitively awarded. To be considered for an assistantship, apply before Jan. 31st for admission in the fall semester and before Aug. 31st for admission in the spring semester. Students not requesting financial aid should have their applications submitted by May 15th for the fall semester and October 15th for the spring semester.
  • Three calender years are typically required
  • 90 credit hours beyond B.S. - course (39), seminar (6), and thesis (45)
  • Written qualifying examination
  • Oral presentation and defense of the proposed thesis topic at least one calender year prior to completion of the thesis
  • Oral presentation and defense of the thesis to a committee of five (four MAE Faculty, and one individual from another department)