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Professors Receive Honor from American Welding Society (Professors Daryush K. Aidun, Daniel T. Valentine, Alumnus Dr. Alireza Bahrami '14) received the MaKay-Helm Award for their research paper "Interaction of Gravity Forces in Spot GTA Weld Pool," which was part of Dr. Bahrami's PhD. Thesis.

University Recognition Day Awards 2014:

James E. Fassett Memorial Scholarship: Jimmie Rush III

Robert E. Rosait '52 Award for Excellence in Mechanical Engineering: Christian M. Perryman

Aeronautical Engineering Staff Award - Senior : Sean F. Gagnon

Mechanical Engineering Staff Award - Senior: Nathan F. Sammons

Aeronautical Engineering Staff Award - Junior: Ian P. Smith

Mechanical Engineering Staff Award - Junior: Ruisheng Wang

The Residence Halls Scholarship Award: Nathan North

Perkins Family Memorial Award: Masoud Siddiqi

CUSA Outstanding Senator Award: Michael Ferrari

Paul Hyde Memorial Award: Christian M. Perryman

The Clarkson School Award: Jacob Lyon

Diversity Initiatives Award: Leonardo Minier

                            Phalanx Awards

Commendable Service Award: Rhonda Sharpe

The Commendable Service Awards Class of 2014 - Senior: Jonathan S. Fearer, Erin E. Lennox, Kenneth G. Mark, Matthew T. McChesney, Andrea R. Westervelt

The Commendable Service Awards Class of 2015 - Juniors: Sergio Gallucci

The Commendable Service Award Class of 2016 - Sophomores: Corey Riley

The Commendable Leadership Award Class of 2015 Juniors: Vincent D. Liberto, Nathan T. North

                             Other Awards:

Pi Tau Sigma Faculty/Staff Appreciation Award:   This is the 1st year that the award has been given to a nonteaching individual in the MAE department  Award presented to Tina M. Shatraw  Administrative Assistant for Undergraduates.

Clarkson University Engineering Dean Goodarz Ahmadi Gives Plenary Lecture in Korea

Goodarz Ahmadi delivered a plenary lecture at the International Conference on Multiphase Flow in Jeju, Korea in June. Ahmadi expanded on his research on particle transport, deposition and removal in environmental and biological applications. The presentation was related to the book he recently co-authored, Computational Fluid and Particle Dynamics in the Human Respiratory System.

Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, Laurel Kuxhaus, was recently elected as Chair of the Education Committee of the Bioengineering Division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, effective July 1st.  Dr. Kuxhaus has been a member of the Education Committee since 2009 and organized mentoring workshops for the 2011 and 2012 Summer Bioengineering Conferences.  She served as the Vice Chair of the committee from 2012-2013 and will serve a three-year term as Chair.  The election occurred at the 2013 Summer Bioengineering Conference held in Sunriver, OR.  Also at the conference, Clarkson students Janine Amell, Christopher Nycz, Allen Osaheni, Robert Griffin, and Madison Malfa won 2nd place in the Undergraduate Design Competition in Rehabilitative and Assistive Devices, and undergraduate Honors researcher Alexander Landauer gave a poster presentation entitled “Effects of freeze-thaw cycling on material properties of cancellous cervine bone as characterized by nanoindentation.”

Clarkson Engineering Team Places Second in Design Competition!

Clarkson wins 2nd place

An Integrated Design team from the Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering at Clarkson University claimed Second Place in the 3rd Annual Undergraduate Design Project Competition in Rehabilitation and Assistive Devices sponsored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). The project was entitled “Cost Effective Electrolarynx Design: A Feasibility Study.” The design team was comprised of undergraduate students Janine Amell, Robert Griffin, Madison Malfa, Christopher Nycz, and Allen Osaheni, and was directed by Associate Professor Kevin Fite and Assistant Professors Byron Erath and Laurel Kuxhaus.  This marks the third consecutive year in which a team from Clarkson has placed second in the competition. 

The objective of the design effort was to create a low cost electrolarynx for voice rehabilitation in patients that have undergone a laryngectomy. The electromechanical device utilizes an electrical actuator to create high frequency vibrations of a diaphragm. When the diaphragm is placed on the neck, sound produced by the vibrating diaphragm is transmitted through the neck tissue into the oral cavity, thereby enabling a person to produce intelligible sound through traditional tongue and mouth movements. The prototype demonstrated significant cost savings over traditional electromechanical assistive speech devices that are already on the market, while also having the added flexibility of adjusting the vibration of the diaphragm in order to optimize the sound production on a patient specific basis.

 Six finalists for the competition were selected from 31 initial submissions based on a technical paper describing their proposed device and its impact on individual and public health. The paper addressed product need and market potential, development of a prototype device, and an economic plan for its commercialization based on market analysis.  The final competition that was held for the six finalists comprised an oral presentation and prototype demonstration by each design team, and was held on June 27 at the 2013 ASME Summer Bioengineering Conference in Sunriver, Oregon.  The Clarkson students competed against finalists from the University of Michigan, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Toledo, University of Utah, and University of Delaware. Clarkson is the only university that has advanced to the final competition all three years as well as the only university that has placed in the top three, all three years.

 As part of being selected as a finalist, the team received a $3000 award from the ASME Bioengineering Division to defray the costs of traveling to the conference. 

 More information about the competition can be found at:

Design team

Figure Caption:

The Clarkson University undergraduate design team. Pictured from left; Martin Tanaka Ph.D., Chair of the design competition, Allan Osaheni, Robert Griffin, Janine Amell, Christopher Nycz, Madison Malfa, and Prof. Laurel Kuxhaus. Not pictured, Professors Byron Erath and Kevin Fite.

The ASEE St. Lawrence Section held their Regional Conference at Clarkson University this year on March 23rd and 24th.  Clarkson University’s MAE graduate student Nicole Corbiere and co-author Dr. Laurel Kuxhaus received a first place award for their paper and presentation “Collaborative Learning Journal Clubs in Biomedical Engineering Education”.  Their paper discussed the challenges of teaching an undergraduate biomechanics class to students from diverse academic backgrounds.  One collaborative learning activity that is accessible to students from varying backgrounds is a Journal Club.  Through the implementation of a Journal Club in a biomechanics class at Clarkson University, the authors found that students perceived an increased proficiency in reading scientific articles.

Clarkson University Wins National Clean Snowmobile Challenge

 2011-2012 Scholarships Received:

Jeffrey A. Jones - a Senior in Mechanical Engineering received the Doug and Jane Collette Endowed Scholarship and the J. Paul Nessier '69 Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Keagan M. McGovern - a Junior Honors student majoring in Mechanical Engineering received the Cleveland NC Merit Endowed Scholarship and the Gordon W. Babcock '46 Endowed Scholarship.

Steven E. Morgan - a Junior in Mechanical Engineering received the H. Douglas and Sara Barclay Endowed Scholarship.

Alexander D. Throop - a Senior in Mechanical Engineering received the Doug and Jane Collette Endowed Scholarship and the Merton Van Sant/Industrial Development Agency Endowed Scholarship.


Clarkson University Research Team Gets Ready for DOE Wind Study (USA) (read more)

Department News and Announcements

SBC award plaque

Clarkson design team wins 2nd place in Design Competition!

An Integrated Design team from the Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering at Clarkson University has won 2nd place in the Inaugural Undergraduate Design Project Competition in Rehabilitation and Assistive Devices for their project entitled “A PARITAL WEIGHT BEARING REMINDER DEVICE FOR GAIT REHABILITATION AFTER LOWER EXTREMITY SURGERY”. 

The proposed device addresses an important need:  following lower-extremity surgery, such as a hip replacement, patients are often instructed to avoid loading the affected leg while it heals.  This is often challenging for older patients.  When complete, the proposed device will feature a combination of aural, visual, and tactile alerts to remind the patient to follow the doctor’s orders.  The device includes an insole that can be inserted to any shoe (or slipper) and will be manufacturable at a low cost. 

To participate in the competition, the students prepared short paper describing their proposed device in mid-January.  Under the direction of Assistant Professors Kevin Fite and Laurel Kuxhaus, the students (Elsbeth Adams, Travis Kiser, Rochelle LaPorte, Tracy Roux, and Caitlin Storey) researched the product need, market potential, and economic plan in addition to their device design.  The final competition was held on June 24th at the 2011 American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Summer Bioengineering Conference in Farmington, PA.  The students gave an oral presentation and demonstration of the prototype.  Clarkson came in 2nd place while competing against teams from Purdue University, Rice University, Western Carolina University, Wayne State University, and the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

The team received a monetary award from the ASME Bioengineering Division to be used for prototype development and to defray the costs of traveling to the conference. 

More information about the competition can be found at:

robotics day

On March 26, 2011, 51 5-10 year old Girl Scouts from Potsdam, Colton, Pierrepont, Parishville, Madrid, Norfolk, Norwood and Massena came to Clarkson University for the 2nd annual Robotics Day.  Leaders, Marissa LaCourisere (PhD Student) and Sue Scott (Clarkson Staff), teamed up with undergraduates from Professor James Carroll’s Robotics Living Learning Community and Northern New York Robotics Institute.  The Scouts focused on designing, constructing, programming and testing robotic alarm clocks based loosely on the Boston Museum of Science’s Engineering is Elementary Book "A Reminder for Emily."  They also saw the Clarkson SPEED projects.  


Retirement Party for Dr. Sung P. Lin after 43 1/2 years of service was a success.

We have two new faculty hires coming on board in the Fall 2009

Dr. Ajit Achuthan
Dr. Laurel Kuxhaus


2009-2010 Awards
Dr. Douglas Bohl, Assistant Professor MAE Department received the NSF Career Award.
Brent Pomeroy received the AIAA Foundation Dr. James Rankin Digital Avionies Scholarship 

2009 Undergraduate Awards
Sayuri Yapa received the NSF Research Fellowship (read more).  Sayuri also received the Norman L. Rea Award.
Sayuri Yapa (SR) and Rebecca Dinger (JR) were inducted in Phalanx.
Sayuri Yapa (SR); Rebecca Diner (JR) and Krystal Pomerville (JR) received Commendable Leadership Awards.
Sayuri Yapa (SR) & Ryan Watkins (SR) received the Barry Goldwater Scholarships
Kristopher Renedette (SR) received the Career Center Award
Farshad Madhi (SR) received the Physics Dept. Award
Farshad Madhi (SR) & Sayuri Yapa (SR) received the Institutional Diversity Initiatives Award
Mark Czajkowski (SR) & Ryan Watkins (SR) received the Albany Undergraduate Research Exposition Award
Jonathan M. Holla (SR) received 3rd place at the AIAA NE Region 1 Student Paper Competition
Emily A. Stefano and Elsbeth D. Adams, both Mechanical Engineering students at Clarkson University were
      recently selected as 
recipients of $2,500 scholarships from the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) 

Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Staff Awards:
Junior (Mechanical) - Benjamin Sittner
Junior (Aeronautical) - Clara M. Helm
Senior (Aeronautical) - Laura Bear
Senior (Mechanical) - James W. Snover

2009 MAE Graduate Awards
Joshua Butler received the AIAA Abe Zarem National Award in Aeronautics
Nathaniel Barlow received the Outstanding Teacher Award
Former MAE Graduate Student - Air Vehicles Directorate honors annual award winners

University Recognition Day 2008 Faculty & Staff Awards
Brian Helenbrook, Associate Professor - The Tau Beta Pi Faculty Award;
Rhonda Sharpe, Administrative Secretary - The Commendable Service Award

Find out about the new faculty hire, Dr. Kevin Fite....more

Shuttle Flight Director Gives AIAA Student Paper Competition Keynote at Clarkson - Michael Sarafin, Class of 1994 and the lead space shuttle flight director for the recent Atlantis STS-122 mission, gave the keynote presentation at the AIAA Region 1 NE Student Paper Conference, held at Clarkson on April 4-5....more (announcement)

Dr. Pier Marzocca wins 2007 Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award

CSOE Dean Ahmadi speaks in Holland....more

What are MAE Students Up To?

coffinPeter Coffin, MAE Undergraduate Student, spent the summer of 2008 at the NASA Ames Research Center in Moffet Field California. At left is Coffin in the National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Complex 80 x 120 ft wind tunnel with mentors in front of the Mars Science Laboratory Parachute being tested in the   From Left to Right: Joe Sacco (NASA), Roseleigh Taylor (MIT), Jeff Johnson (Jacobs Engineering), Peter Coffin (Clarkson).

Clarkson University Undergraduate Student Robert Franklin received a Summer 2008 internship at the Constellation Energy - Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station

Clarkson University participate in the National Science Foundation Nucleation in Forests (NIFTY) project.

Clarkson University Graduate Student Joshua Butler wins AIAA Aeronautical Abe Zarem Award.

Professor Liviu Librescu Memorial Sessions at the ESM 2008 Mechanics Conference (click here for more info)

University Recognition Day 2008 Students Awards
Steven Caron - The Commendable Leadership Award and Inducted into Phalanx

Mark Czajkowski - The Commendable Leadership Award, The Mechanical Engineering Senior Staff Award and Inducted into Phalanx
Farshad Madhi - The James E. Fassett Memorial Scholarship

Andrew W. MacDougall - The Robert E. Rosati '52 Award for Excellence in Mechanical Engineering

 Ryan C. Harrington - The Aeronautical Engineering Senior Staff Award

 Ryan T. Watkins - The Aeronautical Engineering Junior Staff Award

 Sayuri D. Yapa - The Mechanical Engineering Junior Staff Award 

 Astri Roman - Institutional Diversity Initiatives Award

MAE Department wins two Goldwater scholars for 2008-09.  Sayuri Yapa (Mechanical) and Ryan Watkins (Aeronautical).
  (click here).

Clarkson, UW-Madison Win Clean Snowmobile Challenge (click here)

Clarkson students present research at Albany legislative building - Six Clarkson students travelled to Albany to present their undergraduate research to other students, educators and members of the legislature...more

First Robotics Champs Students from Massena and Salmon River High Schools, mentored by Clarkson University's SPEED team, took first place in the Long Island Regional of the First Robotics Competition in Hempstead, N.Y. ....more

 Clarkson University participated in the RASC-AL 2007 Forum on May 20-24, 2007, at Moody Gardens Hotel, Spa and Convention Center in Galveston, Texas....more

MAE undergraduate student makes the news (click here)