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Minors and Concentrations

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Minors and Concentrations
MAE students can enhance their education and gain in-depth knowledge in a particular area or subfield of engineering through minors and concentrations within the School of Engineering.

Engineering minors include:
Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Science and Technology
Electrical Engineering
Software Engineering
Sustainable Energy Systems Engineering

Minor in Biomedical Engineering
As various fields of medicine and health care increasingly depend upon advances in technology, graduates who possess combined expertise in engineering principles and knowledge of biological sciences at all levels will be in high demand. The minor in Biomedical Engineering enhances opportunities for Clarkson's students to meet this need. multidisciplinary capstone design course

Minor in Biomedical Science and Technology
This minor is connected closely with the minor in Biomedical Engineering. Students from both minors participate in shared core courses along with a multidisciplinary capstone design course.  A foundation knowledge of Biology II: Cell and Molecular Biology (BY160) is required for both of these minors.

Minor in Electrical Engineering
A minor in Electrical Engineering is available to students in any degree program. To obtain the Electrical Engineering minor, a student must complete the four required courses and two of the six elective courses from the following list:

Minor in Sustainable Energy Systems Engineering
Our reliance on energy-rich sources of fossil fuels has enabled growth of modern society, increasing our mobility, industrial growth, domestic comfort, abundant food supply, and economic prosperity. Engineers are among the many types of professionals that need to understand the limits of our present energy systems and lead us to a future in which we can continue to provide reasonable energy resources for human quality of life. This minor emphasizes that all engineering disciplines are necessary to develop and assess technologies to both increase the efficiency of our energy use and advance renewable and alternative energy sources.  Education and research are further enhanced through the Center for Sustainable Energy Systems.

For a complete listing of Clarkson minors across the University, please visit the Minors and Concentrations listings.