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How do I drop a class?

It is strongly recommended that you speak to your academic advisor before making any modifications to your class schedule, to ensure that you remain on track for graduation.

During the enrollment period, you may drop classes online through PeopleSoft.  Once the enrollment period has ended, you must submit and add/drop form to SAS in order to drop a class. You can use a paper form, or an electronic form within PeopleSoft. View the full instructions.

How do I change my major?

You should speak to the department of the major you wish to change to, prior to submitting any paperwork. You can do an electronic form in PeopleSoft, or obtain a paper Change of Major form. Follow the instructions on screen (or on the form). You will be assigned a new academic advisor at this time. If using paper, bring the completed  to SAS for processing. 

Follow a similar process to add a double major, declare a minor, or declare a second degree.

How do I get credit for a course off-campus?

You will need to fill out the permission form and submit it to the math office (Science Center 357) with the description of the course attached (see the instructions on the form).  You may find the course description either on the school's website or by emailing the instructor directly.  Often the catalog description is sufficient, but more detail helps (the textbook name/author and list of sections covered is ideal).  You may either hand in a physical copy of the form or email a copy to Please fill out the form completely and obtain the required signatures before submitting it to the math office. It will then be reviewed, and you may check back to see whether it has been approved or not (this usually takes a day or two).  If approved, you then submit the form to SAS.

Note well:
  • It is your responsibility to find the course description, to obtain your advisor's signature, and to verify that SAS receives the form.
  • You must get the form approved before you enroll in the course.  If you don't, you run the real risk that the course may not be approved.

Where can I get a copy of a syllabus?

If you are in a class, you can always ask your instuctor for a copy of the syllabus. However, if you need an old syllabus, please click Here. Some Syllabi will not be listed. If not, please contact the Math department directly. 

 If you have a question that isn't on this page, please contact