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Summer 2017 will begin June 25 and run through August 12.

Welcome to Clarkson's Web-based summer math refresher!

General information
This program gives you an opportunity to strengthen your skills in algebra, trig and geometry before taking Calculus at Clarkson.

How it works

The program is composed of three elements: (Subscription required), (No Subcription Required) and Clarkson email. Each week, on Sunday, a Pre-Test on the topic of the week becomes available at Next, on Tuesday, a video is uploaded to detailing the solutions to the Pre-test questions. Students can review the video and their responses on Webassign and can then ask questions via the Webassign communication portal or by email( and we will respond either directly to the student or by way of additional videos, if we feel that the answer to the query would benefit the student population at large. Also, additional instruction MAY be available on Webassign and/or Vimeo. Finally, Wednesday of each week, the Unit Test (posted in Webassign) becomes available which is a set of 15 spiraled questions including not only the current weekly topic, but previous topics, as well. Last, Friday of each week, a video of the solutions to the previous weeks Unit Test is uploaded to the Vimeo site. The Calendar for the program is located on the right. Note all due dates are Saturday 12 August, however we encourage students to work the pre-test and unit test and also to check the announcements weekly, on the site, as their schedule allows.

We have arranged special pricing through our publisher, accessible through this Cengage.  

Click the "Cengage Brain" Icon to access the site for purchasing a book.  


(a) Option 1 - The hardcopy book and webassign.  By purchasing together, we are able to get you a special price on the bundle.  You will use the webassign this summer and you will use both when you start classes in the fall.

(b) Option 2 - ONLY WEBASSIGN.    If you are buying the book elsewhere, already have a copy, or bought a used copy of the book, this option might be the thing for you.  Webassign is required for the summer course and your class at Clarkson.

*** Note - You should choose Option 1  or  Option 2, but not both.   

 Purchase Here    Cengage

Frequent Questions

  • Is the CU Math course free?  The course is free.  However, you will have to purchase a WebAssign account in order to access the course materials. 
  • How do I purchase WebAssign?  The materials you need for the summer are precisely the materials you'll need for your Calculus classes at Clarkson - you are just purchasing early.  See the CENGAGE link above.
  • I am going to be on vacation for a week during the program, what do I do?  When you get back, you should submit the current week's quiz. You will also be able to go back and do the work for the week you missed. 
  • Do I have to register for this program?  You do not need to register for this program.  
  • What is the class key?  When logging into WebAssign, you should follow the link for "I have a class key."  Click on that link and use the class key "clarkson 6834 7689".


You can ask questions about the material by e-mail at


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