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Marko Budisic

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I obtained my PhD from University of California, Santa Barbara in 2012. My Dipl.Eng. degree is in Electrical Engineering from University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Research interests:

My research is in data-driven dynamical systems. I am interested in detecting when and where a phenomenon, such as a region in an ocean or in atmosphere, is behaving chaotically vs. non-chaotically. To do so, I try to avoid relying on detailed mathematical models of oceans or atmospheres, because they are mostly complicated, expensive to simulate, and/or prone to uncertainties. Instead, I design algorithms that find patterns in measured data, which tell us that certain parts of the system work coherently together, or, conversely, tell us that they are behaving chaotically. In addition to applied mathematics of differential equations, I also study numerical methods, operator theory, analysis, and topology, inasmuch they prove useful to the stated goals.
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