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Cost of Degree

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Tuition per semester

A Master's degree at Clarkson University requires 30 graduate credit hours.  Using 2014 data, 30 credit hours would amount to a tuition cost of $41,700 for a Master’s degree, although this total is reduced to $23,640 with the tuition discount offered our MI students.  The typical MI student will take 4 courses and seminar credit in the first semester and three courses plus one credit of seminar in the second.  After the international experience the student may attend one more semester at Clarkson University to complete his/her thesis.  University regulations require that the student be registered for one credit hour. 




(Tuition waived)

Cost with Discount


12 course, 1 seminar





9 course, 1 seminar





6 research





1 thesis









Note: The cost for each semester is based on 2014 credit hour costs. Costs may change over time.

Value of support
The Provost has waived the tuition cost of up to 6 credits accrued during the student’s international deployment.  This waiver currently equates to $8,340.  The student will also receive an addition partial tuition waiver of 7 additional credits (currently worth $9,730) over the course of his/her program.  The total tuition support therefore will be at least $18,060. In addition, the Provost’s Office will provide up to $3,600 per student to defray the cost of research supplies while on international assignment.

In addition to the above stated tuition support the university has a limited amount of teaching and research assistantships available to qualified students.  These assistantships will cover all tuition in addition to providing a year stipend of $24,029 (for 2014-2015 academic year).  Students will also be eligible for federal work study.

Estimated cost of living during degree
Typical yearly cost of living and miscellaneous expenses for graduate students living in Potsdam, NY, are listed below:

  • Fees: (Health & Recreation) $590 per year
  • Rent/Food: $9,550 (varies with individual preferences)
  • Books: $900 – 1,600 depending on program
  • Miscellaneous: $3,000 (varies with individual preferences)