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Technically Superior

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Devon Jedamski and Professor Ken Visser working together
A Technically Superior Master's Degree

Everyone else talks about innovation. Clarkson shows you how to engineer it.

That's right, innovation is a product. Specifically, it's the combination of imagination, design skills and construction abilities. You already have these skills. Clarkson strengthens them, with core courses in optimization, finance, environmental sustainability, marketing, law, risk management, networking and strategy.

But there's more to it. The global marketplace demands technical expertise and business acumen, sharpened by experience. Clarkson gives you that, too. This is a hands-on degree. You'll collaborate with other working professionals and develop solutions to actual problems.

We'll teach you to expect innovation, to repeat it and — in project after project — build on it. We don't just give you a competitive edge. We make it sharper, more exacting and productive. You'll re-enter your industry's job market as an expert, ready to handle executive-level projects.

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