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Clarkson's Technical Communications Students Create Visual Works Of Art In Multimedia Lab

POTSDAM, N.Y.-- More than a year after its opening, Technical Communications (TC) students at Clarkson University are taking full advantage of all the hi-tech "toys" that the department's Multimedia Lab has to offer.

Thanks to the lab's computers, TC majors can work on a variety of projects including editing and producing digital videos, designing and publishing their own web pages, designing their own electronic portfolios in preparation for their job searches and working on various research and class projects.

The lab has gotten an incredible amount of use, said Bill Karis, chair of the Technical Communications department. "It's allowed us to move much more rapidly towards a more project-oriented curriculum."

The facility has allowed us to do a lot more, Karis said. "The server we received as a gift from IBM was a plus and allowed us to do a good deal more in offering students opportunities."

If our traditional class sessions provide the time and place to reflect upon communication concepts-- that is, if the classroom functions as the thinking mind in TC education-- then the TC Lab is the heart pumping the lifeblood of that education, said Professor Steve Doheny-Farina. "It is where all of the ideas, concepts and theories get enacted; it is where theory gets down to practice; it is where students don't just learn, they learn to do."

Karis called the lab a prototype of the new multimedia center that is expected to be built on the hill campus in the near future.

The profession is directly linked to the evolving electronic communication technologies, and so, for us to have a viable program, we have to have those facilities to explore and to teach. Otherwise, we're back to pen and paper and word processors, and that's not adequate, Karis added.

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