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Clarkson University Professor Shares Know-how With Japanese Peers

Clarkson University Electrical Engineering Professor Thomas H. Ortmeyer recently returned from a three-week stint at Kumamoto University in Kumamoto, Japan. He shared his expertise with his Japanese peers as part of the JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) Short Term Fellowship Program, done in conjunction with the National Science Foundation. It was Ortmeyer's second trip to Japan. He made a previous trip in 1993.

Ortmeyer and his host, Professor Takashi Hiyama of Kumamoto University, sought to establish cooperative ties with Kyushu Electric Power Company (KEPCO) in the area of distribution power quality, an area in which have they worked in the past.

Professor Hiyama and I have been working together for 12 years, said Ortmeyer. "He spent a year here (at Clarkson) in the mid-'80s, and I spent a year there (in Japan). He and I have somewhat different backgrounds, so we mesh nicely. This was an opportunity for us to get together to sit down and talk over where these programs should go."

In visiting the KEPCO plant they witnessed and collaborated in various activities of study and research. Ortmeyer said that within two to three years, there will be enough data collected to be sharedbetween Kumamoto University and Clarkson. "Hopefully, some of the students here will be able to work on that with some of the students in his (Hiyama's) laboratory," he said.

While at Kumamoto, Ortmeyer also delivered a lecture titled "Power Quality Issues in the United States."

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