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Clarkson University Hosts First Live-time Moonlink Mission" With The Lunar Prospector

Clarkson University will today (January 20) be the site of the first “Moonlink Mission” with the Lunar Prospector spacecraft. Moonlink is an educational outreach program with NASA's Lunar Prospector Mission and Space Explorers Inc. which links students via the Internet with Lunar Prospector.

Participants in this Moon Mission include Clarkson University and its adopted schools, Potsdam Central and Canton Central. The Moonlink Mission taking place at Clarkson is part of the University Space Grant Program's "Adopt a School" Project.

Starting at 3:00 p.m., a live-time interaction with the spacecraft and a mission controller, and a simulated launch will take place in CAMP Room 172. In addition, data from instruments aboard the spacecraft will be received at Clarkson. The instruments include the Alpha Particle Spectrometer, the Magnetometer and Electron Reflectometer, as well as the Neutron Spectrometer and Gamma Ray Spectrometer.

NASA's Lunar Prospector was launched in early January to conduct a one-year mapping mission from lunar orbit. Its goals are to gather data on the moon's surface, magnetic fields and gravity fields, and to improve our understanding of the origin, evolution, current state and resources of the moon. The Lunar Prospector is managed and controlled from NASA's Ames Research Center.

 The coordinator for Clarkson’s Moonlink Mission is Dana Barry, Space Grant Program administrator and the technical writer and editor for the University's Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP).

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