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Director To Speak At Film Presentation April 11 At Clarkson University

A winner at the South by Southwest Film Festival, Toronto, Seattle International and Telluride Film Festivals, "Use Your Head" sets out to uncover something larger from the small, everyday philosophies by examining them closely and humorously. The comic philosophy of this film entertains, but in the end there's something tangible left behind.

The movie involves three pairs of people undergoing an actual government-sponsored drug research study attempting to determine the effects of marijuana and alcohol in combination. "Use Your Head" is about life: about living through a bad day at the office, about not wanting people in the street to see you turn around because you've forgotten something at home. It's all the bad parties you've every been to, all the wrong clothes you've ever worn, all the times you've wanted to be somewhere else. And it's where you wish you were instead.

Directors Loch Phillips and Lee Skaife are a pair of talented film makers and a married couple. Attesting to the quality of their relationship is their first collaborative film effort, "Spartacus Rex," which took first prize in the experimental category of the New York expo of short Films and is currently distributed by Short Form Releasing. Loch and Lee met at Cal Arts where both studies film, producing primarily experimental films and videos. Aside from "Spartacus Rex," Loch and Lee have produced and directed other shorts and have won a merit award at the Athens Film Festival, Sinking reek Film Festival and were nominated for a Golden Globe.

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