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Clarkson Professor Abdul Jerri Of Potsdam Publishes Fourth Mathematics Book

Abdul J. Jerri of Potsdam, professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Clarkson University, has just published his fourth book.  Titled The Gibbs Phenomenon in Fourier Analysis, Splines and Wavelet Approximations, it is the first book dedicated to covering the basic elements and up-to-date research concerning the Gibbs phenomenon as it appears in the various applications of representing signals with jump discontinuities. [Editors: See attached background for details about the Gibbs phenomenon.]

Jerri is the author of three previous texts, each finding a place in college classrooms all over the country, including Introduction to Integral Equations with Applications. First published in 1985, it was the first integral equations text for U.S. undergraduates in engineering and science. A revised and expanded second edition of this "popular" book will appear next spring.

His second book, Integral and Discrete Transforms with Applications and Error Analysis, was published in 1992. The 840-page text is considered to be a treatise in Jerri's field and is used as a graduate student text and a reference.

Linear Difference Equations with Discrete Transform Methods, Jerri's third book, was published in 1996, and is a college text for seniors and juniors studying science and engineering.

When asked about his future writing plans, Jerri says that he will concentrate on his research areas, in addition to working on possible future new editions of his last three books.

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