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Norwood-norfolk Central School Students Visit Ottawa In Clarkson University School Of Business Partnership

[Photos of the Norwood-Norfolk students in Ottawa are available at and]

Late last month, the educational partnership between the Clarkson University School of Business and about 20 juniors and seniors at Norwood-Norfolk Central School conducted a trip to Ottawa for the students and teachers involved.nncs1

The goal of the partnership, now concluding its second year, is to teach the group of northern New York students about Canadians, Canadian culture, and Canadian-U.S. relations. Graduate students involved in the partnership say that as the United States’ largest trading partner, it is important for Americans, especially those who reside close to the border, to be aware of the similarities and differences between them and their neighbors to the north. 

During the trip to Ottawa, the high-school students had the opportunity to tour Parliament and the Museum of Science and Technology, and had a private audience with the Hon. Jim Watson, mayor of Ottawa. Watson spoke to the students about his relations with United States officials, the importance of U.S. business and tourism to the Ottawa region, and the many residents of Ottawa who have gone on to gain celebrity status in the U.S., and entertained a number of student questions.

This particular trip was made possible through the support of a Government of Canada grant that was awarded to the Clarkson University Center for Canadian-U.S. Business Studies through the Canadian Consulate in Buffalo.  Jon Vilasuso, the director of the Center, suggested that funds could be made available for the trip.  Special thanks are also due to Tammy Christiansen and Tom Scott, the NNCS teachers who have supervised the partnership since its inception.

This year's partnership was divided into three focus units: cross-border shopping, cross-border university/college, and bridges/points of entry. Throughout the year, the students conducted graduate-student led research and discussions, and hosted speakers including Al Gotsch, Clarkson University Office of Admission; Ken Dukarm, U.S. Customs Officer; and County Legislator Jim McFadden, who heads up a group supporting a new bridge between Cornwall and Massena.

Last year the partnership created a new Web page for NNCS. They also developed an extensive Web site in which Canadian-U.S. issues are explored and which high school students from both countries can use as a research tool.  This site, titled the Canadian-U.S. On-line Studies Center, was constructed by NNCS and Clarkson School of Business graduate students. The research for the site was conducted by NNCS students in collaboration with a group at a school in Ottawa.

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