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Clarkson University To Host International Chemical Conference

Potsdam, N.Y. -- Clarkson University and the Northern New York Section of the American Chemical Society will host a chemical conference involving scientists from throughout the northeastern United States and southeastern Canada June 21-25.

Regional and international experts will be on campus discussing such topics as pharmaceutical processes, use of computers in chemical education, environmental chemistry, careers in chemistry, biochemistry and powder technology. These and other areas of technology have played a key role in providing the conveniences and health most people enjoy in everyday life.

For example, powdered materials are used in the manufacture of about 85 percent of all consumer goods, from paint, to dyes, to medicinals, to sewage waste treatment coagulants, to toothpaste, to paper currency.

Two presentations by Clarkson alumni in the Power Technology Symposium should be of general interest to a public concerned about how science contributes to better living. One is by Dr. Curtis Zimmerman, Engelhard Corporation, on processes that have been used to make pearlescent pigments, originally made from silvery scales of herring fish.

The second presentation is by Dr. Steven Jones, NASA-JPL, on his preparation of a special form of sand, called silica aerogel, which has been launched into space to collect particles in the tail of a comet. Jones, a staff scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, developed and made the aerogel material which will capture dust from the tail of Comet Wild (pronounced Vilt) in January 2004 (previous news tip attached for background).

Although Jones works at JPL, he and his family maintain their residence in the North Country. His wife Jane teaches fourth grade at Lawrence Avenue Elementary School in Potsdam, and his children, Joshua and Katie, are students at Potsdam Central High School.

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