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Clarkson Finishes Sunrayce At 50 Mph

ORLANDO, FLA. (6/29/99) - Clarkson raced into the Imagination parkinglot at Epcot Center today doing 50 miles per hour - the first time since the opening day teams racing in Sunrayce '99 had been able to reach speeds in excess of 30 mph.

The sun finally showed up for this nine-day competition where 29colleges and universities have struggled against torrential down pours, thunderstorms and no sun. Lack of sun caused the cars to be unable to fully recharge their batteries since day one. Thus, they were forced to run at much slower than capable speeds.

Clarkson came in 13th at today's finish line and will most likely finishin 14th place overall.

For driver Allison Green just being able to drive the car at a decentspeed across the finish line was enough. "I've felt all week like we haven't been able to show people what these cars can do. Today, with sunshine, we could finally race."

For Professor Eric Thacher, who has led five Clarkson teams intoSunrayce competitions, the teams efforts are what mattered. "We have a small but dedicated team. They worked well together and overcame several problems such as a broken shock, a stress fracture in the frame and a steering linkage problem. I'm very proud of them." He added that this team was the best-prepared team he has ever worked with.

Tomorrow the team will spend the day at Epcot before heading for home.

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