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TV Producers Discuss World's Millennium Madness Oct. 23 At Clarkson

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As the days dwindle down in the last year of this century, people are looking forward to the start of a new millennium.  Songs about Y2K are getting airplay on the radio. News networks offer retrospectives on the people, places and events over the last 100 or 1,000 years.  People are making plans to welcome in the year 2000 at various locales worldwide.  A general sense of nostalgia and anticipation is being shared by many around the world.lyonpaschall

Everyone else is stockpiling supplies, withdrawing cash and heading for the hills, awaiting the blackouts, computer crashes and the impending apocalypse.  And that’s just in the United States.

How the rest of the world is ringing in Y2K– from the wild to the weird-- is part of “Millennium Madness Around the World,” hosted by Ron Lyon and Jenny Paschall on Saturday, Oct. 23, at 8 p.m. at MidKnights in Clarkson University’s Cheel Campus Center.

Lyon and Paschall will show how people in other parts of the globe are preparing for the stroke of midnight in a multi-media inside look at the odd and audacious, the historical and hysterical, the sights and scenes that they have documented in their travels around the world.

Ron Lyon and Jenny Paschall are no strangers to the odd and bizarre.  Through their travels, they have come upon the weird and offbeat, which have been documented in shows the duo have created and produced for television, including “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” for ABC, “Would You Believe It?” for the Discovery Channel and “Simply Unbelievable!” for the Travel Channel. 

PHOTO: Ron Lyon [rear] and Jenny Paschall.

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