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Clarkson Professor Coordinates Symposium For International Astronautical Congress

Clarkson University Professor Liya Regel was the coordinator for an International Astronautical Congress (IAC) symposium “Advanced Materials Science” held recently in Amsterdam.

The symposium had the added significance of being the first at an IAC meeting ever broadcast over the Internet. Through a server at the University of Houston, the symposium was made accessible to over 30 remote sites from which people were able to participate.

“Scientists from all over the world— Brazil, Japan, France, Holland, USA, China, Russia, Germany, India, Italy and several other countries— were in attendance via the Internet,” said Regel.

The symposium had one session on “Materials Processing in Varying Gravity Environments: Globally Interactive Panel Discussion,” which dealt with research performed in space and in large centrifuges.

Another session, “Role of the Scientist-Astronaut in Materials Research on the International Space Station,” featured four renowned scientists who described their experiences in space. They also made recommendations for scientific research on the International Space Station.

“The astronauts brought an abundance of experience from their research and programs,” said Regel.

“If it weren’t for the University of Houston,” said Regel “the symposium would not have been webcast. They set up the server and did just about everything to ensure worldwide access to the symposium. With the use of a laptop computer and a video camera, the symposium went from the 1,000 Amsterdam participants to the entire world. It was an exciting collaboration in cyberspace.

Professor Regel is the director of the Clarkson University International Center for Gravity Material Science and Applications (ICGMSA) and a professor of electrical engineering in the University’s New York State Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP), which is located on campus. Professor Regel works very closely with Professor William Wilcox, a facilitator for the IAC symposium and professor of chemical engineering. These professors currently have three NASA grants in materials processing involving three graduate students. 

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