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Clarkson Partnering With Community Inventors

The Clarkson Invention Institute, an interdisciplinary project of Clarkson University faculty and students, is seeking proposals for innovative projects.

Each year, teams of Clarkson University students take on projects proposed by local residents, businesses, or community groups. With the diverse background of faculty now participating in the Invention Institute, the group looks forward to working on the wide range of projects that emerge from the community.

Past projects have included an automated racquetball practice partner, a motorized cart for a disabled child, an automatic farm tractor-to-trailer hitch, and a specialized bicycle trailer. Project teams make considerable use of Clarkson's well-equipped machine shop, woodworking shop, and extensive computer facilities to design and build projects, under faculty direction.

Faculty involved in the institute come from mechanical and aeronautical engineering, electrical and computer engineering, physical therapy, technical communications, engineering and management program, and Clarkson's Shipley Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurial Development.

The Invention Institute was established to promote and support innovative ideas and help spark job growth and job creation in the North Country. Technical Communications Professor Brenton Faber says that ideas will be considered from anyone in the North Country.

Faber and Physical Therapy Professor Leslie Russek say that projects not only teach Clarkson students about the design, management and production of inventions, but they also foster a greater integration of the University with the surrounding area.

"We've had people from all walks of life come and propose ideas," says Russek. "Anyone can propose an idea, and if it is do-able, we'll try to build it."

Guidelines for Invention Institute proposals can be obtained from Clarkson’s Shipley Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurial Development at 315-268-3970.

Proposals should be submitted by May 15, but the institute will review ideas until July 31.

Proposals can be submitted to The Clarkson Invention Institute, c/o The Shipley Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurial Development, Clarkson University, Potsdam NY 13699.

[News directors and editors: For more information, contact Annie Harrison, Director of Media Relations, at 315-268-6764 or]

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