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High School Of Excellence Back For 2000 Summer Session July 9-14

North Country high school students will get a chance this summer to experience living and learning in a university environment through High School of Excellence, a challenging BOCES-sponsored program at Clarkson University, designed to spark intellectual development, communication skills and cooperative problem solving.

The weeklong program (July 9-14) includes collaboration with two award-winning Clarkson University professors and two undergraduate assistants, use of computer spreadsheets and graphics, Internet and World Wide Web access, personal development sessions, field trips and guest speakers.

Working together and in small groups, students will study engineering ethics and social policy, urban design and environmental sustainability.  They will conduct research and make a final presentation to community leaders on Friday, July 14.

This year’s participants will be working on the project  “Sustainable Housing for People and Nature.”  Students will focus on designing and building a scale model home that incorporates the latest designs and ideas about sustainable housing.

Students will work on every aspect of the project.  The engineering task will involve creating a computer model capable of predicting the energy consumption of the house.  They will also define other engineering analysis that should be undertaken.

The environmental sustainability tasks involve learning the latest concepts and designs in ecology, urban planning and sustainability.

The ethics and social values tasks involves creating the group’s name, logo and mission statement, generating the social environmental ethical and aesthetic criteria to be wed in assessing the proposed home design.

The High School of Excellence is one of many summer programs offered by Clarkson University to high school students throughout the North Country.  Deadline for registration has been extended until June 30.

For more information on this program, students should contact their guidance counselor or call Brenda Kozsan, program director, at 315-268-4425. For other summer program information, call Conference Services at 315-268-6647.

[News directors and editors: For more information, contact Annie Harrison, Director of Media Relations, at 315-268-6764 or]

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