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Virginia Clarkson's Furthermore Now Available: University To Benefit From Proceeds Of Poetry Book

Virginia Clark Clarkson, a longtime friend of Clarkson University and honorary degree recipient, has just published Furthermore, her fourth volume of poetry. Clarkson is the wife of University trustee Dr. Bayard D. Clarkson.

In Furthermore, a follow-up to her 1992 book Nevertheless, Clarkson explores issues as serious as mortality and as light-hearted as snoring, with takes on mother-daughter relationships, religion and baseball in between. As was the case with her previous book, Clarkson is donating all proceeds from Furthermore to the University.

Liberal Arts Professor Owen E. Brady wrote the foreword to Furthermore. In it, Brady praises the author’s unique writing style:

“Like the poems in her previous volume, Nevertheless, these new ones bear her unmistakable poetic signature: close observation of nature, quirky angles of vision, and exuberant wordplay. Some also have a distinctly different feel, giving off a faint whiff of mortality. As this volume’s title suggests, the poet fashions her poems as assertions in an argument, a bulwark against self-annihilation, a theme that creeps around the edges of this volume. Though these autumnal notes sound repeatedly in the collection, Furthermore celebrates life even when calculating its inevitable losses.”

The book was edited by John N. Serio, Brady’s colleague in the School of Liberal Arts and the editor of The Wallace Stevens Journal, and published by Golden Knight Enterprises, Inc.

Serio knows Virginia Clarkson well, having worked with her on Nevertheless eight years before. 

“It was very well received,” Serio says. “Eight years later, she came to me again with another book and asked if I would publish it under the same circumstances, that she would give all of the proceeds to Clarkson University, so I did that this fall.”

Serio says the author was easy to work with, especially when it came to making changes.

“She’s a wonderful woman,” says Serio. “She has a delightful sense of humor, she’s amenable to suggestions, even editorial ones. In reading the poems, I would sometimes say, ‘You don’t need these last two lines, because it’s saying what you’re implying and it’s much better without it.’ And she would say, ‘Fine. Let’s take them out.’ So, she never really objected to my suggestions and she was eager to have them. It’s a very pleasant relationship.”

In addition to Furthermore and Nevertheless, Clarkson is also the author of Edges and Without Rhyme, Without Reason.

To purchase a copy of Furthermore, send check or money order for $11.95, plus $3 shipping and handling to: Clarkson University Bookstore, 39 Market St., Potsdam, N.Y. 13676. New York State residents should add a seven-percent sales tax to the cost of the book.

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