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Clarkson's Center For Advanced Materials Processing Receives $850,000 Chemical-mechanical Planarization Machine

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Speedfam-IPEC of Chandler, Ariz., a leading semiconductor equipment manufacturer, has loaned a chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP) machine valued at $850,000 to Clarkson’s Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP). The 676 CMP tool polishes both eight-inch and six-inch diameter semiconductor wafers uniformly, as well as copper and oxide layers. Silicon wafers, with thin layers of metals and dielectrics applied, are the starting material for the manufacture of computer chips. cmp

Clarkson University is a research leader in the process of planarization (smoothing) of metal and dielectric films.

The eight-inch wafer planarization capabilities offered by the Speedfam-IPEC 676 tool will significantly enhance the current CMP operations at CAMP; existing equipment supporting this research includes an older Strasbaugh, a recent Intel-donated Westec 372, and an IBM-donated Model 4100 polisher/cleaner.

Over the next three years, an engineering team from Speedfam-IPEC will work with Clarkson CAMP Director Professor S.V. Babu, Professor of Chemical Engineering R.S. Subramanian and Associate Professor of Chemistry Yuzhou Li to support and expand graduate level research in CMP.

Speedfam-IPEC has joined CAMP as a Corporate Member.

The Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) at Clarkson University receives support from the New York State Office of Science, Technology, and Academic Research for research and operating expenses as one of 14 Centers for Advanced Technology (CATs). CAMP was established on Clarkson's recognized expertise in colloid and surface science and fine particle technology. CAMP develops innovations in advanced materials processing and transfers this technology to business and industry.

PHOTO CAPTION: Clarkson Center for Advanced Materials Processing Director S.V. Babu (right) examines silicon wafers with chemical engineering grad student Satish Narayanan. They are standing in front of a chemical mechanical planarization machine recently donated to CAMP by Speedfam-IPEC, a leading semiconductor equipment manufacturer.

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