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Clarkson University Hosting 2001 Symposium On Sustainability

Potsdam, N.Y. - The Center for Environmental Management at Clarkson University is hosting the 2001 Symposium on Sustainability from June 16-19. The Symposium will bring together an international audience of scholars in industrial ecology, ecosystem health, environmental policy and ecological economics.

Environmental sustainability is a timely issue, as the U.S. faces concerns about energy supply, greenhouse gases, and environmental contaminants. Research in sustainability examines such topics as reducing the production of waste, quantifying and measuring environmental impacts, and analyzing how economics impacts policy and pollution.

These are diverse, complex problems that challenge traditional environmental management models. Addressing these problems requires moving beyond local remediation and pollution prevention to a state of global sustainability, a state described as equitably sharing resources today to ensure that the needs of present and future generations can be fulfilled.

Clarkson’s Center for Environmental Management coordinates research and education on environmental sustainability, and through the Symposium, hopes to advance current thinking on multidisciplinary approaches to studying and achieving sustainable resources management.

The 2001 Symposium on Sustainability will achieve several goals:

  • To bring together students, researchers, educators, and practitioners with a common agenda but divergent backgrounds in natural and industrial ecology, engineering and science, economics, management and social sciences, and environmental policy.
  • To investigate the basis of sustainability and factors associated with its applicability.
  • To progress toward research methodologies and education principles that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries.

More information about the Symposium, including registration materials and a preliminary agenda can be found at The Center for Environmental Management has a Web site at containing additional information about Clarkson’s activities in environmental sustainability.

Clarkson University, founded in 1896, is an independent technological university offering majors in the sciences, engineering, liberal arts, physical therapy and business. More than 2,600 undergraduates and 300 graduate students learn in an academically rigorous, collaborative culture that emphasizes hands-on team projects and real-world multidisciplinary challenges. While many faculty members achieve international recognition for their scholarship and research, teaching is a priority at every level. As a result, Clarkson has earned a reputation for developing innovative leaders in technology-based fields.

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