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Clarkson University Asks Students, Staff And Community To Support Each Other In National Tragedy

Clarkson University responded to today’s tragic national events, setting up an on-campus crisis center and asking students, faculty and staff to be supportive of each other in this difficult situation.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been affected by today’s events,” said Clarkson President Denny Brown in a message to all students, faculty and staff. “Let us resolve to keep our focus on supporting our students and colleagues who have been touched by this tragedy. I’m grateful for the calm on campus and sense of mutual support.”

Clarkson has communicated a flexible position in terms of class activities Wednesday. Faculty were encouraged to hold classes, recognizing that some students will be away or otherwise unable to attend. Campus offices will be open, so that the University can continue to serve students.

“We wish to try and maintain a normal routine to bring our community together,” said Brown. “We want our students to come together as a community in this situation, and not face it alone.”

A Crisis Information Center has been set up in Clarkson’s Educational Resources Center, which will remain available to assist students and employees. It will be open until midnight Tuesday and will reopen Wednesday morning. Telephones are available for students to make long distance and international calls to reach family members.

Brown also asked that the Clarkson and local community support and reach out to international students, saying, “Potsdam has always provided an especially welcoming and supportive environment for international faculty and students. Clarkson University is extraordinarily grateful for this. We are proud of the contributions these individuals make to both Clarkson and Potsdam, and the many ways in which international friends enrich our community and our lives.

“With the tragic events of yesterday and the strong emotions we all feel, it is more important than ever that thoughtful people reach out to those who have come to Potsdam from abroad.  This is a time to strengthen friendships, offer support, and help maintain a sense of security and well being for everyone.”

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