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Clarkson Students Achieve Major Success In Ibm-sponsored Computer Challenge

Out of 25 Winners Worldwide, Three Are From Clarkson

Three Clarkson University student projects are among 25 winners worldwide in the Linux Scholars Challenge, an international student competition sponsored by IBM.

Students Dwight Tuinstra (Potsdam, N.Y.) and Bryan W. Clark (Londonderry, N.H.) both of whom submitted individual projects, and Phillip Allen (Bangor, N.Y.) and Matt Finlayson (Norwell, Mass.), who submitted a joint proposal, will each receive an IBM ThinkPad laptop computer with an approximate retail value of $2,500. Winning students will also have the opportunity to apply for prestigious internships at IBM's Linux Technology Center.

The Clarkson winners were chosen from among 1,462 applications IBM received from students at 669 universities in 64 countries. Contest entrants were asked to submit research or development projects that enhance usability, create applications or develop tools for Linux, an open source computer operating system.

When you think of the number of students worldwide who entered the competition and that three of our five project entries were winners, it is just amazing, said Matthews. "The Clarkson students' success in this competition confirms that what our computer science students are learning here enables them to work and compete at a high level."

Clarkson recently established the Clarkson Open Source Institute (COSI), which operates a lab to provide development and demonstration platforms for student-led projects based on open source software, including Linux. The COSI lab provides a unique and valuable opportunity for students and faculty to contribute to existing or new open source projects of academic significance.

Linux is a robust, secure, and scalable alternative to proprietary operating systems. Open Source software is free software that grants all users the right to acquire, modify and redistribute it. Open Source Software includes user-friendly word processors, spreadsheets, email programs, web browsers and servers, databases and security programs used by individuals and organizations worldwide.

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