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Clarkson University Announces Major Redesign Of Undergraduate Business Education

Clarkson University has announced a major redesign of its undergraduate business school curriculum. The new curriculum will go into effect in fall 2002 and offers four interdisciplinary majors designed to provide graduates with a well-rounded business education that reflects the increasing importance of technology and provides the skills today’s employers seek. 

The implementation of the new curriculum culminates a yearlong cooperative endeavor between Clarkson faculty and high-profile industry leaders from successful companies like Accenture, Lockheed Martin, IBM, General Electric and Kodak.

“By working in partnership with business, we were able to develop the new programs and update the curriculum to reflect modern industry needs,” said Tim Sugrue, dean of the Clarkson School of Business. “The days of narrowly focused business majors are past. Today’s graduates need broad, functional knowledge of business operations.”

The new interdisciplinary majors include: Business and Technology Management, which offers a broad management foundation and includes four separate tracks for students to focus their studies to fit their career interests; e-Business, which provides students with the ability to manage businesses in a virtual marketplace and includes a supply chain management track to establish and maintain business organizations; Financial Information and Analysis, which provides students with expertise in the wide range of issues common to both financing and accounting; and Information Systems and Business Processes, which provides students with the ability to integrate information technologies into the business environment.

At the heart of the new curriculum is a technology core of foundation business courses that are integrated through the use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, which allows students to analyze business problems from multiple points of view. Familiarity with powerful software systems that connect business processes such as inventory control, accounting, marketing and order processing is important for preparing highly competitive, skilled managers.

Within the framework of the new curriculum, the Clarkson School of Business will continue to emphasize team-based, hands-on learning through courses such as Introduction to Entrepreneurship, which is a requirement for all first-year business students. The yearlong course challenges students to create a start-up company, secure funding, design a marketing campaign and negotiate with vendors. In doing so, students receive a solid foundation for critical, analytical and lateral thinking about management.

“With an updated curriculum, cutting-edge subject matter that is taught by expert faculty, and experiential and interdisciplinary opportunities that enhance our educational breadth, our graduates stand ready to succeed in an increasingly dynamic business environment,” said Mark Frascatore, associate professor of economics and an architect of the new curriculum. “It is a very exciting time for business students and faculty at Clarkson University.”

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