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Clarkson's Hopke One Of Only 40 Scientists Worldwide To Participate In International Symposium

Philip K. Hopke, Bayard D. Clarkson Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at Clarkson University, has been invited to participate in a three-day international scientific symposium to be held May 14-16 in the Netherlands.

Hopke is one of only 40 distinguished scientists from around the world who will participate in research sessions and submit a paper at the conference, which is being held in honor of the forthcoming publication of the 500th volume of Analytica Chemica Acta.

Analytica Chemica Acta is an influential peer-reviewed journal that covers all aspects of analytical science. The proceedings from the conference will be published later this year.

Hopke’s paper will focus on chemometrics, a subdiscipline of chemistry first introduced 25 years ago that uses the application of mathematical and statistical methods to extract as complete and accurate information as possible from chemical data.  Hopke is one of the pioneers in this developing discipline, and is a founding editor of the journals Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems.

Hopke is an internationally renowned air quality researcher and is currently chair of the EPA Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee. He is the director of Clarkson University’s recently established Center for Air Resources Engineering and Science (CARES). Part of the Clarkson Center for the Environment, CARES is a founding member of the New York Environmental Quality Systems Center, a network of 12 research institutions, which recently received a $15-million grant from New York’s Office of Science and Technology and Academic Research (NYSTAR) to study air quality.

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