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Clarkson Professor Named Fellow Of American Physical Society

Daniel ben-Avraham of Potsdam, N.Y., professor of Physics at Clarkson University, has been named a fellow of the American Physical Society (APS).

Becoming a fellow in APS is a rare honor that is limited each year to no more than one half of one percent of the society’s 40,000 members. Ben-Avraham was nominated in the area of statistical physics, in recognition of his contributions on the subjects of diffusion-limited reactions, diffusion and transport in disordered media, and non-equilibrium phase transitions.

Ben-Avraham’s research interests include statistical physics of networks, polymers and self-avoiding walks, percolation and diffusion in disordered media, kinetics of reactions, heterogeneous catalysis, non-equilibrium dynamics, dynamical phase transition, Monte-Carlo techniques, and the structure and dynamics of protein.

To date, he has received research funding of nearly half a million dollars from the National Science Foundation and the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund.

He is also the co-author of Diffusion and Reactions in Fractals and Disordered Systems, published in 2000 by Cambridge University Press. He has had articles appear in Physical Review Letters, Biophysical Journal and the Journal of Cell Science, among others, along with being named co-recipient of the Best Popular Science Paper for 2002 by Israel’s Ministry of Science.

Ben-Avraham joined Clarkson University in 1987 as an assistant professor in the Department of Physics. He was tenured and promoted to associate professor in 1994. Earlier this year, he was promoted to professor. Ben-Avraham received his doctoral degree in physics from Bar-llan University and before arriving at Clarkson, spent two years as a postdoctoral research associate at Boston University and worked for a year as a physicist in the electro-optical industry in Israel.

The American Physical Society represents more than 40,000 active members in the arena of national, international, and governmental affairs. The society publishes physics research journals, promotes diversity in the physics profession, monitors the human rights of scientists around the world, and rewards professional accomplishment. The APS conducts over 20 national, divisional and regional meetings every year, along with informing its members of the latest news in the physical world and trying to communicate physics to the public on an informative level.

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