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World's Leading Quantum Device Technology Researchers To Gather At Clarkson University In May

Some 60 eminent scientists and engineers from around the world will convene at Clarkson University next month to attend an interdisciplinary scientific workshop focusing on the field of quantum device technology.

The Quantum Device Technology Workshop will provide a forum for a global discussion of applications in the subjects of quantum computation and communication, quantum cryptology, spintronics, and quantum effects in nanosize semiconductor and mechanical devices.

Scientists from institutions such as Los Alamos National Laboratory, IBM, Bar-Ilan University (Israel), Harvard University, Naval Research Laboratory, UCLA and the University of Maryland are among those who will attend.

The meeting is sponsored by Clarkson's Center for Quantum Device Technology. Clarkson Professor Vladimir Privman, director of the Center and one of the world's leading experts in quantum computing, will chair the conference. The main objective of the Center’s research has been the exploration of coherent quantum mechanical processes in novel solid-state semiconductor information processing devices with components of atomic dimensions: quantum computers, spintronic devices, and nanometer-scale computer logic gates.

The Nanotechnology Council of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the technical sponsor of the workshop. The event is funded by the National Science Foundation.

“The goal of the workshop is to facilitate networking among top researchers and advance new ideas and applications in quantum device technology,” said Privman. “Quantum physics has an important role to play in future technology.”

"Today's computers rely on the laws of classical physics to store and manipulate information digitally. Tomorrow's computers will need to handle unprecedented amounts of information at phenomenal speeds," he explained. "Such power cannot be achieved with present technology. We will need to rely on quantum physics to manipulate the data at the atomic level."

The 2004 Quantum Device Technology Workshop is the second of a planned series of scientific meetings to be held at the Center. The first occurred in 2002 and was attended by researchers from around the world.

The proceedings of the workshop will be published in Transactions on Nanotechnology, the flagship journal of the IEEE in the field of nanotechnology.

The Clarkson Center for Quantum Device Technology was established in 2001 through a $1.6 million award from the National Science Foundation. Privman, who has a joint appointment in the departments of Physics, and Electrical and Computer Engineering, leads an interdisciplinary research team of Clarkson scientists in Mathematics and Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Materials Science, and Physics.

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